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HotA Perma Stun Build (is it good?)

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This is a build that i quickly whipped up from a rend build. I changed a few things out because Rend seams to kill things slower because the %700 weapon damage 5 seconds. I decided to try out earth quake (for elites) and HotA with thunder strike (perma stun). This Build does not require anything specific, though cool-down reduction might be worth a try. I am new to Diablo III (join Dec 20 2013) and am hopping some of you guys can give me some tips for the build. :3

The rend Build (that this was based off of)

HotA Perma Stun Build
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Well it's a fun looking build. Anything that is not WW is poop compared for either DE or XP farm. Uber builds are the only ones that can have a different OP build without having WW as base, however, a lot of barbs still include WW for ubers to maintaine WotB up.

Let RoS come and builds like this will have its chance to compete.
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thank you :), But i was wondering if you had any skill change sugeestions? (mabie try it out for yourself and let me know :3 )
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I guess the question is what are you using the build for? As KingB has explained, it's not good for farming - the reason is that it lacks aoe and manoeuvrability. Then for elites or ubers, it's more common to go all out single target damage rather than try to stun them.
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. Anything that is not WW is poop compared for either DE or XP farm.

Is this still true in RoS? No decent alternative even after the nerfs to the classic OP build?

I'd like to undust my Barb, but for some reason, I never had much fun with WW.
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02/03/2014 03:40 PMPosted by Valmont
Is this still true in RoS? No decent alternative even after the nerfs to the classic OP build?

No - ww/sprint as we know it is dead in RoS. I'm not the best person to comment on alternatives, but my impression is that barb can be OP if you find the right gear, otherwise is rather clunky due to poor fury generation.
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WW is not viable as a pure weapon damage dealer on ROS IMO. Removal of the Hurricane rune on RLTW was a build-breaker. The new Hurricane rune (vortex ability) was really cool and made WW an alternative utility skill but that was nerfed pretty bad in the latest iteration.

IMO, the skills that would dominate early on would be Boulder Toss / HOTA / Avalanche. Boulder Toss is really cool.
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Awesome. Sounds like Ill play my Barb again.
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So I updated the build a little bit, I removed earthquake and added leap with call of Areat for the pull and initiation. Also to clarify how this build works; The 3 and 4 abilities are for dealing an AOE to all enemies int he area as well as buffing crit chance, The 1 ability it for pulling enemies in, and generating fury ( and the short stun is nice), The 2 ability is for allowing crits to generate 15 fury (obviously) and to buff crit chance, HotA is for the directed damage (towards the more concentrated groups of enemies), and leap is for initiating the attack, generating fury, and pulling enemies in.

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Also I think i fixed the maneuverability problem with the earthquake/leap swich
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