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looking for some good ros videos

so, I try a bit of ptr and found the barb experience to be extremely underwhelming. anyone got any good videos of 70 barbs doing decently in ros? in the public games I have played so far, wizards of similar dps are melting mobs while I seems to only nick them for tiny amounts of dmg. in the ptr, I have a 130k dps unbuff barb, the wizards were at about 150k dps. the wiz simply melted elites packs in a 4 men group within 5 to 10 secs max. while I couldn't even damage 1 of the elites decently in that same time :( my ptr barb is doing the hota build, max hammer crit is about 1 mil, normal hits does about 400k crit.

someone please show me some good ros 70 barb videos :(
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argh, anything but him :)
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Check manners channels, he does have about all the best items though, but he does very well.
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http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/11039724710 he has videos in there about most topics check it out
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I checked his videos, still very weak compare to the wizards I was playing with. I watched detox videos of d3v and I wanted to play my barb. I get that same feeling when i watch wizard videos now. barb videos and my own ptr experience makes me want to switch my main class.

well I guess there aren't good barb videos.
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You can't compare your experience on the PTR on 60 (Torment 1) vs Manner's videos on the Beta (Torment 3-6) on 70. The amount of HP increases dramatically when (i) leveling from 60-70 (ii) Higher torments - I believe HP doubles with each increase in Torment. Belial has 44 billion HP on Torment 6.

Manner is probably the strongest geared barb on the Beta and he has access to all the sets. His clear times are as good as it gets. If this is not OK to you, then you might need to choose another class. I can't say I follow how the other classes are faring on the Beta as I don't have access but I do know that Ziss (Wizard) was ripping it in F&F.
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There will be a wd video sometime tomorrow, I saw a screenshot, and a white hit , was 526+ million, no furnace or Rinehart I dont think.

Barbs will still be good, just give it time :)
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ahahah 500 million dmg from a normal hit? insane!

forgot to ask, but I would like a link to that video!

@dakkon if those speeds are as good as it gets then I would be going with some other class.
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I think the problem was in your 1st post, a HoTA Barb with a 'normal' hit, their is no such thing, every HoTA hit needs to be a crit or you are doing it wrong.

What's this 60 Torment1 sh*t???? Torment 4 is very solable and quite fast at 60, Torment 5 is also possible in 60 gear from live !!
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care to show me a video of how it is done? in group play please.
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