Diablo® III

Beta Pants: Death's Bargain, for channelers


Will be a Tempest Rush's best friend too...

These pants roll a special affix:

You are surrounded by an aura of death that deals 1000% of your Life Per Second to all enemies within 16 yards. You no longer regenerate life.

I can still get life from globes and LoH. Templar can also heal me.

That's the first item I've ever seen in Beta that has a "trade off" stat. Two problems:

1000% of your Life Per Second...as what? Physical? Arcane? It's damage type is not stated.

Oh yeah, the pants are broken. They don't do anything. They put out a nice visual which is very "ethery", but they don't do annnyyytthhhinngg. I know this because my Life Per Second is 13,800 with the templar. This aura of death should be cranking out damage to the tune of 1,380,000 per second...and that aint happening. Uh, nothing is actually happening atm. Lol bug report!

EDIT: My maths sucks. Not 1.38 milly, only 138k :(
Edited by Melkor#1521 on 2/3/2014 7:27 AM PST
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Actually they should be dealing 138k per sec, not 1.38 mil.

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Pox Faulds are nice pants now.
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02/02/2014 11:15 PMPosted by Melkor
Will be a Tempest Rush's best friend too...

Nah. The Hexing Pants of Mr. Yan are a TR's best friend:


Those Death's Bargain pants are trash. You're gonna give up all those LPS rolls on your gear and/or Paragon Points to do an extra 150k or so a second? I think my follower does more dps than that. 0.o

They need to add another zero to that affix in order for it to be any good. And even then it's questionable if giving up that much LPS is worth it. I mean, you tell me, Melkor: how is survivability at t3-4+ without any LPS whatsoever at lvl70?
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I have to really think about that question Malakai. It comes down to how much of my life return is coming from LPS vs. LoH when in battle. I ran them on T2 last night but I ROFL stomp t2 at 70 now...no real threat. Once I realized the pants weren't "working", I gave up and went to bed lol.

I am inclined to agree with you, the trade off is MASSIVE. But when combined with buffs to health globe drop rate, and a respectable damage % on the pants themeselves, they could work. As of now, I wouldn't trade my LPS for 1000% damage. They would have to offer a major incentive over Pox Faulds though..which comparatively speaking, they do not.
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