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02/04/2014 11:43 AMPosted by silverfire
Fluidity and functionality are worth much more to me than stats ever could be. I intend to go into RoS with IK5. It makes things much smoother. Don't know how long I'll stick with it, but particularly for blasting through the campaign the first time around, that fury gen is going to make things go quicker.

I'm going it with an IK3 lol... I think that the fury bonuses have been moved to the 3-set bonus rather than the 5.

Plus this is only a temporary solution as by the time you hit 63-64 the current IK (unless rerolled at mystic) might start wearing thin.

Honestly, with the changes I am seeing (at least in PTR) I can still effective WW (even on single targets). The issue is retaining the DPS which I assume the IK 5 is supposed to help. IK3 = No need for unforgiving which is huge.

my issue is, that I don't feel that most of the barb passives are very compelling anyway so I'm not to worried about going in with an IK.

I am seriously considering "retiring" my main barb and re-leveling completely. I want to keep my legacy barb a legacy...and not a hodge podge of new and old itemization (but that's just me).

Something tells me the game will be way more "fun" if I start with a new character. I re-leveled a monk and a wizard fully in PTR and that is definitely the vibe I got.

We'll see. Honestly when there is no trading or ladders, it is basically a lottery based game. Getting barbs to GG level is now a question of time invested and not really clever trades or AH moves. Add a decent RNG base....and you have the perfect recipe for "blurred lines" when it comes to a "good" barb and a "bad" one.

Some people are going to have great luck and be GG.

Some people will invest a lot of time to be GG.

I am fully confident that all of us will propagate to a similar build and similar gear...but now it's more of a question of "when" instead of "how".
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It's more just for the initial leveling. IK5+unforgiving=essentially unlimited sprinting=clearing act 5/hitting 70 quickly.

It's hard to say how RNG centric it will be. It's a big concern, but there are several avenues that allow you to take your character in the course that you want, esp enchanting.
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Regarding fury,
I played around a little in PTR in full knowledge of the fury gen issue.
Even with liberal use of Bash, always fury starved.
Yea, yea, L2P, blablabal.
But seriously, it's so slooowww......
...the whole time i'm thinking about posting some rant here (i'll regret later) how I much hate this thing!
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So why is main hand axe bad? Help, me!

I can do mp10 pretty easily, but the elites take way too long.
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Not much of a surprise considering your tdps isn't even 1.5m buffed with wrath and slightly higher if we (very) optimistically assume that you always have 5 stacks of bash. HotA DPS is similarly low.

As a very rough ballpark, MP10 elites need in the territory of 4m effective (not sheet) DPS to start feeling "smooth" IMO. You're not even at half of that, both for HotA and for ww.

How you can help yourself

a) Read my rant to understand why your gearing path is far from optimal

b) Improve your skills and playstyle. In conjunction with HotA, bash is pretty good. In conjunction with ww, it will usually just tend to slow you down and have unreliable uptime. OP:KS and rend instead give similar levels of damage output and do so over a wide AoE to boot.

c) Use an SoJ against elites. Absolutely crucial unless you're one of the very very very rare few that are already melting them in under 15 seconds without one. There are probably 50 or so such people on the planet. For the rest, SoJ is a no-brainer for any scenario with elites. Swap it out for your hellfire when engaging one.

d) Fix your gear to extract more real DPS as your budget allows. You're in a weird spot where an axe can make sense but the utter lack of crit damage on the ef is a huge liability. That weapon is pretty much dead opposite of what you want to look for in an EF. It has high weapon DPS (useless), IAS (useless), vit (terrible spot to put it). What you want is the highest strength possible, a socket, and crit damage (lifesteal is a suitable substitute)
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So, what are my current breakpoints? I did look at derawr not long but, I didn't find it easily.

you're telling me if I grab an EF that has a socket str, crit damage and dps of like 970, it'll be better?

The problem I found using OP:KS is single target dps sucked so bad.....

what would you suggest I use instead of bash?

Thanks by the way.
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zomg 4 hours
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ZOMG 14 hours

Your bp is 2.86/2.86 which is good, but your way of getting there is bad.

You're using one too many IAS slots, and yes your echoing fury isn't doing any favors.

The echoing fury's weapon damage range doesn't contribute to tornado damage at all. It contributes only to ww, which is a much smaller fraction.

This is why people opt for "stat sticks" with low weapon DPS, but high stats otherwise. High stats = crit damage.

The IAS on it also has questionable benefit. It ends up putting both weapons at the same breakpoint. Without the IAS mod, the ef would swing at the 2.5 breakpoint.

But once again, crit damage is much more important.

OPKS works well in conjunction with HotA, I would suggest trying that combo for dual wield if you find yourself killing elites a lot. Rend is good too, but OPKS jives better with the faster swinging and lower damage per hit of dual wield, vs rend being particularly well suited to 2h.

Next is the issue of using bloodthirst instead of a third damage passive. This is a part of why IK belts are better than WH for most. But that's of less importance.
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Awesome, thanks man.

I picked up a Cold SoJ last night with 27% to elites. only useless stat was revenge. but whatever got it super cheap.

also grabbed a new EF, but now my break points are off. So now its the right time to use a mace? cause I got one with 1000 dps and a socket and life steal. and crit damage.

Looking at d3rawr, now my break points are all effed up.
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Look at your bp's with wrath of the berserker enabled.

Attacks per Second: 2.8985 / 2.7115

That's ok. Rend will always reset the next set of tornadoes you cast to the mainhand frequency, 2.86 in this case.

A 1000 DPS mace will make things worse in your case. In fact, because of the way your gear is setup, even a stronger mace will make things worse because you'll drop from 2.86 to 2.5, which is heavy.

The mace works especially well with 4 slots of IAS at 2.5. Fewer slots of IAS usually mean more crit damage and str, and those stats usually overwhelm the benefit of IAS.

However, your amulet and glove crafts put you in a tricky spot with 5% and 7% rolls on them respectively. In theory, you could've kept your bp's exactly where they are now if they were both rolls of 9% AND then get rid of the inna's for depth diggers or rares to pick up a lot more strength.

But they rolled with 5 and 7, so you have to work with what you've got. And for what you've got, this is okay.
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Thanks a ton! So the key now is to get better IAS rolls on those Crafts.

and Replace Inna's. Wish I found this information 9 months ago!
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