Diablo® III

played an hour or two of ptr

got one leg
it sucked
got rares
they sucked
didn't use lifesteal
played torment 2
that was AWESOME lol

just threw together some rando build

passives were prodigy/coldblood/illus

skills were
calamity/icicle familiar/MWdeflection/ice armor frozen ball of sweetness surrounding you and damaging enemies/electrocute surge power AP gainer/ice meteor

it was the most fun ive had playing this game so far.

can't wait to try out tons of random wiz builds in ros, the only item i saw that mighta been an upgrade were some nice bracers but i mean i only randomly ran around act 1 and act 3. tried some sleet storm, ray of frost other runes, with spec blades ice (wanted to mess with ice) and it was all real fun.

gotta say im pretty stoked to play this game without lifesteal and OMGAHBOUGHTEFFICIENCY

felt like a diablo game again ;) as long as we get some rares that dont all roll reduced level req i'll be THROWING FROZEN METEORS AT STUFF BRAH in ros ;p oh btw calamity + frost proccing things = awesome. so much CC. kiting, killing, grinding, brah. groups are even more fun played a few pubs and sooo much fun!

edit oh for gear

used a chants wand open socket + chants orb without apoc. also ran a mempo. only had 9 apoc and with surge i was filling up my globe instantly, dropping 3 meteors, teleport stunning etc repeat

lotta fun. lotta freeze. chea

didnt try anything higher than t2 but could def handle t3 cuz i was wrecking things in t2 even 2 insane elite packs at once (freaking waller is a pain lol)
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Rares are bugged right now. Not sure why they haven't pushed out a patch to fix that yet, it just makes picking up loot sad. That's why you got to much -level req. Crafting is bugged too so all that stuff pretty much rolls -level req too. According to Blizz, they borked it when they tried to move -level req to secondary stats, so hopefully it gets fixed soon.
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I tried ~10mins of t6 with lvl70 friend n got r4ped badly. still got nice lvl70 weapon drop etc but couldn't use em.. rage quit.
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Ask your mate to re-roll for reduced level requirements?
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