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archon = useless on ros? :(

anyone got good ros build for archon yet?

archon only lasts 20secs in ros with 120sec cooldown.
+20% cooldown reduction from evocation = (96sec archon cooldown)
+10% cooldown reduction from 50 paragon points(offense) = (84sec archon cooldown)
+30%(?) cooldown reduction from ros weapon = (60sec archon cooldown)
but u still have to wait 40secs for archon even with 50% cooldown reduction.

are there any other ros items with the cooldown reduction? cos u need ~83% cooldown reduction for perma archon.

n im not too keen on using 50 paragon points on 10% cooldown reduction over +10% cc. (10cc = ~69.5k dps on my d3v gear, but np if u have 200 paragon points oc)
same goes for the weapon, xx% cooldown reduction on weapon would be handy but u can probably get identical weapon with ~600int instead. (600int = ~98.0k dps)
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More 12,5 reduction from diamond.

If you has glove of worship + empowered shrine = almost total cooldown reduction . Archon with rune 100 seconds cooldown easier to get it, but less powerful.

IF you get Archon wraps set full bonus, you are a lucky and mighty guy.

For while i am using archon - improved as emergency button.
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02/04/2014 05:58 AMPosted by aw3s0m0
are there any other ros items with the cooldown reduction? cos u need ~83% cooldown reduction for perma archon.

1h sword with "Every demon killed lowers your cooldowns by 1 second", or maybe it's "has a chance to", but the item still exists.
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Here's my build thread, but I only have access to PTR.

I'm now calling it "Archon Rebirth". The new way (one of them) of Archon, with it being reactivated all the time.


While gearing for the build, routes that take advantage of game remakes are good. Archon has probably the highest possible Wizard dps for such farming.

Route with combined loot and shrine buffing efficiency in the first 2 parts of the video (1 leg every 39 minutes over 20 legs on T1): http://youtu.be/lVgN2QK1pC4

Gearing route that takes full advantage of the high cooldown and massive dps of Archon (1 leg every 24 minutes over 24 legs on T1) http://youtu.be/UpMrJ65Se74

You can improve the Aspects build with for example Conflagrate for more dps. I'm normally using that. I've been able to buff up to 16 dps stacks on Archon during the first Aspect and during entering the second Aspect. The second Aspect is pretty much 3 shotted or so after that.
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