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Hey, RP from another forum, but eh...

Hey, what are you guys doing with your gems? Just downgrade in quality or ditch them all? I unsocketed all my RS and less ready to sell, but you need something to run in RoS even for level 70, right? What's best idea? ty men, DETH

(ps. my prep wiz > my WD prep x1000)
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Sell every gem but your Marquise, because they are bound......

Have 1 gem for your weapon and maybe helm. Socket the rest with cheap flawless gems or anything. I'm personally keeping mine as I'm too lazy to unsocket and sell.

To be honest you could probably sell your gems now and buy them back just before the AH shuts down. Everyone will be trying to offload them so the prices will most likely crash.
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I only made three markies thank god for weapons. What a waste in retrospect. By definition they were worthless since you couldnt sell them so I stayed away inside gear. Sold all my radiants months ago when beta players were reporting markies dropping. Still disappointed with my self I made 3 markies. I knew at the time it was spend thrift. cost 80m worth zero million.
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I'm keeping all of mine. 17m per RS gem sold is a drop in the ocean, compared to what you can (still!) earn through flipping.
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sold nearly all. just some flawless stars of different color and 1 marquise emerald.
funny how expensive they are. made well over 150m from just gems.

Plus, bought a IK chest with 3 RS topazes (!!!haha) for 59M (lol, people are strange and lazy) and sold the gems for ~20m net profit each :D
I still can't believe, as RS topaz buy price is nearly 23m, like on top times. dunno who want to buy them so expensive.
Kept "THE" elite mit chest though (monster 190str, -7 Elite DR, 77AR, ~830 total armor, ~70vit, 3 sox), just for kicks. over 1k total armor from just 1 piece of gear, with AR and eliteDR, aint no thing in vanilla that can beat it's mit.
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