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Completing Item Sets in RoS

I know this has been brought up several times, but I've yet to see an actual answer.

How in RoS are you supposed to complete lets say a five piece item set.

A few notes:

1) Smart drop doesn't take into account your current gear when dropping items
2) No AH
3) No trading except with party members for 2hrs only

Looking at the now long and expansive list of legendaries and set items, it seems that it will be nigh impossible to complete item sets.

You would either need to find the pieces yourself, which is probably astronomically difficult or be lucky enough to be in game with someone who gets a piece you need...tells you they got it.....and is willing to give it to you.

I understand that itemsets are powerful and should not be able to be acquired to quickly, but with BoA and many other commodities (gold, crafting mats, gems) being locked down, it makes it somewhat difficult.

Please consider allowing a one or two time trade rather then the two hours. Also allow items to be traded within clans, to promote chatacter diversity and cooperation with in clans.
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I fear a lot players might have an expectation that sets should be something as common as you'd find in wow raids. But for me I think Diablo sets should be a pretty nice loot hunt achievement.
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Current RNG of loot you should play the lottery you will win that before u fulfill any dreams of finishing sets in this game
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02/04/2014 10:21 AMPosted by Damian0216
On hc not even in ros. But just plain d3 hc I found innas helm belt chest and legs before I hit paragon 15 on my wd. Even before I made a monk which is dead now but whatever. Its possible rng takes it place. Time will show. The sets are worth using as they are now in ptr beta. So there is no reason for them to drop in 1 week of play time. If youre a loaner dont expect much. Co op has its pros and in ros it seeems to be the thing to do. Make friends enjoy the grind trade loot.

This here is what we call the "I won the lottery so you can too, I don't know what the heck you losers are complaining about just buy 5 or 6 tickets and you're set for life" fallacy
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If the final iteration of loot a few years from now really is "smart", it will scan your armor and skills on each kill and factor that in to the drops. If you're wearing a set item, it should drop gear for that set. If you're using certain skills, gear should drop with bonuses for those skills. Or maybe more simply, the drops will be influenced by the skill and bonuses for that skill that killed the mob.

Mob was killed by zombie bears by a char with a focus on increased attack speed. The gear that drops might offer increased attack speed, zombie bear damage or both.
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I sure hope the "Smart" drops and drop rate are at least somewhat better thatn d3v.

I logged over 1000 hours, and I haven't completed one single set.

Found many of certain pieces, but never a full set.
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