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This build any good?

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I started a Monk a few days ago and I just threw together a build based on what I think might work in Inferno and whatnot. I usually play a super defensive Barb, so I'm trying to make the Monk a bit more offensive instead of just stacking a load of passive defensive boosts and grinding stuff down.

Here's the build:


The basic idea is to stack LoH and IAS with Res All and a specific resistance (for One w/ Everything). From there, I should generating a lot of Spirit so I can keep spamming the Wave of Light frequently (using Seven Sided Strike when it's available as well), which will give me more heals because of Transcendence. If I can get pieces with increased Spirit regen and/or gain Life per Spirit spent, that'd be a bonus.

Horrible? Not bad? Amazingly super great?

Any comments are appreciated.
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I use explosive light for my wave of light, I find it much easier to use since it really do alot of damage and not just in one direction, and if you are doing it correctly you should not have any probs at aiming.
Sweeping wind; Use blade storm, you get much more dps from it, even tho not just as much spirit, but you get that from every autoattack you do, and since Attack speed is quite good to use :b
Since monks build alot on dodge, I would recommend that you use Mantra of evasio, with either Backlash or Divine protection.
Instead of seven sided strike, I would use Breath of heaven
I use the breath since it gives me the healing I need to sustain if more than one elite pack comes at once so I can smelt it down without loosing too much hp, and you could use Blazing wrath or if you desperatly need spirit; Infused with light.
this gives you more sustain, tho you loose 1 sec of invulnerability where as you could do more dps with that time instead (if you meet a good enough pack that you can not gain anything on by using seven sided strike).
As for the passives;
Seize the initiavie: I would not use this, as you gain more by having Sixth Sense (more dodge, and you dodge nearly anything).
One with everything: this is the best one for monks, the monks "Secret weapon" :b
Near death experience: I would Exalted soul, since you say that you need more spirit and this passive pretty much solves that for ya.
I never run out of spirit when it comes to it.

Have fun playing and good luck with killing DIablo 3
// A guy that loves playing games ;3
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Yeah, after playing around with it a bit more, I came up with this:


I found Seven-Sided-Stirke to be lackluster compared to to the Wave and I was really only using it for single-target damage, but the Wave is still good for that. I tried the Explosive Light thing for a while, but I didn't like it as much because it wasn't as good on smaller packs and single-target, and since I dropped SSS, I need the Wave to do well on everything.

I picked up the heal spell and dropped Sweeping Wind. Having that extra source of on-demand life is nice like you said, and then by getting the extra Spirit from the rune, it means I can get enough to do another Wave pretty quickly, which is more healing due to the spirit spent.

I went back to Mantra Evasion because the 3 Spirit per second just wasn't really making any difference, and a 15% boost to dodge and 20% boost to armor really is noticeable.

I don't want to gear with overemphasis on dodge because, whilst it might be good at reducing total incoming damage, it is still only a chance to occur, and if/when it does fail, if I don't have enough damage resistance to eat a couple of attacks in succession, I'm gonna get killed any time the RNG doesn't go in my favor.

I'll keep playing around with it and see what happens as I get to the harder difficulties. Currently it's much more fun than a snoring boring tank barb.
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The new build is better but...any build should be designed to work in unison with your gear and since I can't see your gear I really can't say if your build is good or bad.

Adding more dodge via skills is rarely the best option for a monk (maybe for PvP). Not everything can be dodged and your dodge should be around 50% as it is. If you don't have enough eHP to take a big hit, you will die every single time you don't dodge it. It also won't help vs. ground cover and things like Ghom's gas cloud, the Butcher's fire, etc. Since those are the things most likely to kill you, adding more dodge is of little value. I think you understand this point based on your last post.
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Yes, I agree about the dodge and I think I'll have enough of it that I don't need to stack it to such huge levels and rely on it as my only form of defense (like DHs do).

I don't have any gear atm - I'm still leveling to 60. Unless I get a ridiculously good drop that doesn't conform to my plan, I'm going to gear towards my build, aiming for attack speed and crit for damage (trying to get as many crits as possible for more spirit for more Waves), and aiming for res all and a specific resistance for my defenses.
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