When an enemy attacks, their attack can still hit even when it is a melee enemy and you have dodged out of the way.

I use a Demon Hunter, and have used the dodge roll skill (not the right stick dodge, the skill) to evade attacks from the large enemies which explode upon death and release worms or flies. And I mean the attacks, not the explosions. I can evade the explosions no problem. Most times they still hit me and often kill me through their melee attacks, even when I'm an entire roll's length away from them, solely because I was next to them when they started their attack.
This applies with any and all types of enemies, such as with Diablo's fire attack which sends fireballs out in a circle that you can sit between two and evade. I have dodged them by standing between two, and yet while none touched me, still taken damage from it as though I had been hit directly.
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