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I’m Polish player and I wanted to share my thoughts with You , what could we found in Diablo 3 , to spice up the gameplay in our lovely devil, so that from time to time , our hero could take a vacation :) Also I want to apologize for my grammar. If I made mistake somewhere, please write to me and say what I’ve made wrong. Recently I installed Windows, which forced me to install the Diablo 3 again. I myself had time to forget about the history displayed during the installation , and which for the first time pleasantly surprised me -> it was great to read about the history of D1 and D2, and here 's the idea
Historical Events

1. Assumption

The idea is based on the incarnation in one of the main characters , who participated in a major event for the world of Sanctuary. In this way the player could get to know the history of the Sanctuary , and not just passively through books, which fall out in the game. Stories would be shown in different way and have tasks, which should be fulfilled. Playing as a History Character, we should decide and actively participated in the event , we would see the story shown from his/her perspective ( not necessarily have to be a positive figure ) . Each character had to a specific set of equipment and the skill with which he would have to use.

2. Unlocking the historical events

Here the matter open. I feel that my idea here may be underdeveloped .
During the game Book / Prophecy could randomly fall out , but only with such major bosses , maybe even in a suitable location , one could also tie into a prize draw in the adventure mode in a future patch (unless I read something wrong , then sorry)
Everyone should have the opportunity to unlock even a minimum of events. One book, which contains history event should be bought in the shop in each act (as in the example we could purchase a book from a little girl in act 2)

Act 1 : The history associated with the Old Tristram – Soulstone of Diablo is placed in Cathedral by ancestor of Decard Cain
Act 2 : The history associated with Lut Gholein – Fight of Tal Rasha and Baal in the desert. ( Play as Tal Rasha and we have a team of Horadrims )
Act 3 : The history associated with Kurast - Mephisto wants to gain control over the Council of Zakarum and uses Sankekur as a tool of his will , or play as a Kalim, the highest Que Hegan of Zakarum and try to stop Mephisto
Act 4 : The story related the Burning Hells - exile of the Dark Trinity / conquest of power by Azmodan and Belial.

3. Activation of the Historical Events.

There two options.

Option 1

Here I see the designated place in the main camp in the act . I see the three options for the object responsible for the activation. Its appearance should be tied to a book , recipes, predictions , generally written version. After activation would be nice to hear a few sentences of narrative , then transferred to us in a given location .

1. The first thing that came to my mind , which could activate the story ... it was a book of Cain . But unfortunately, Cain's book has already been used to identify objects. Although it would be added the feature, and then we chose the identification of objects / Historical Events .

2. Malthael’s Book.

Living threw thousands years as the Archangel of Wisdom , certainly he wrote down important events of the World . The book might look gloomy due to the current aspect of Death, or keep angelic look, because it was written by Malthael when he hasn’t yet changed his aspect.

3. Itherael’s Prophecy

Itherael Archangel of Destiny. His scrolls of prophecy, visions of the future , which may or may not need to happen. Already many of them come true , so many roads destination just does not happen. However Itherael should have saved them . This would open the gate for more opportunities and history, for example, what would happen if Baal won the battle of Stone World ? Zoltan Kull would create Black Soulstone years ago?

Option 2

It could be a third option to play as would be in expansion with Adventure Mode.

- Campaign
- Adventure Mode
- Story Mode

If this would be an additional mode , these historical events could be unlocked by finding the data items -> books / scrolls / prophecy or adventure mode after closing the deamon’s gates. In the Story Mode for example, we would see them as the list of all events divided into chapters briefly described with the moving graphics in the cutscenes a’la Diablo 3. If we clicked on the chapter we would hear the voice of Decard Cain starting narrative events, then we move to historical event .

4. Historical Events

In this chapter I would like to share some examples.
1. Construction Cathedra in Tristram - Horadrims / King Leoric
2. Put Diablo Soulstone in Cathedra . Ancestor of Decard Cain
3. Fight of Tal Rasha and Baal in the desert. Tal Rasha
4. Mephisto wants to gain control over the Council of Zakarum . Sankekur
5. Trying to stp[ Mephisto from taking over the Council of Zakarum . Khalim , Que Hegan of Zakarum .
6. Exile Prime Evils from Hell . Lesser Evil
7. Council Angiris fight with Diablo ( Scene from " Wrath " ) . Angel / Archangel
8. Marius travel to Travincal . Marius
9. Stealing the Stone World and Creation of the Sanctuary. Inarius / Lilith
10. Council Harrogath throws druidic protective spell around town to prevent the slaughter of the inhabitants . Councilman Aust ( Father Anya ) / Councillor Nihlathak
11. Stealing in Harrogath the Artifact of Ancestors. Nihlathak
12. Killing the Sesheron Council . Baal / Councillor of Sesheron
13. Izual attack on Hells Forge . Izual
MissClick (Polish Player) ideas of events:
14. Lazarus Madness
15. Ogden sign
16. Anvil of Fury
17. Griswald Edge
18. Warlords of Blood

After end of historic event in the story mode could be unlocked achievement (added to the current total pool of achievements) Each one historic event initially would require scripted and do mini cutscenes with the ability to bypass for the more impatient. It should have talks with another characters too.


14. Lazarus Madness

You start in Tristram, you are witness of Lazarus’s speech , who urges residents to seek Tristram Leorcia missing son , Albrecht . This leads to a split , the greater part of the community of the city, including the mayor will be for Lazarus . Residents decide to go down into the catacombs and look for the missing son of the king , the remaining part of the population considers this is too dangerous. The passage of time ....... At night you can hear the screams. You are Investigating what happened in the ruins of the cathedral. In the first level of dangeons you have to save 8 people. You will find Lazarus’s Journal pages, which re scattered across 2 levels of dungeons. Also we will Rescue the mayor, who will explain the plan of Lazarus and motives which guided him . On the third level of the catacombs, we will see Lazarus on recalling the bloody golem , resulting from the bodies of would-be members of the expedition ( Butcher too trite , boss discretion ) , Lazarus is running out and we fight. After fight we will see ending cutscene. Maybe Aidan is coming back and will go deeper into catacombs of Cathedral.

12. Killing the Sesheron Council . Councillor of Sesheron . Task type : Survive x minutes.

We are one of the Councillor of Sesheron . We would witness the siege of the Barbarians capital city by Baal , Lord of Destruction. Skills form would be matched with the skills barbarians of D3.
The task would commence deliberation of Sesheron and choose the person who will talk to Baal. The choice fell on Councillor XY , which we know from Expansion cinematic in D2. Role will fall to us to prepare a defense fortress. In conversations with the commanders of the Barbarians we have a choice of options such as:
- Collect archers and go to the wall
- Collect warriors and go to the gate

By the choice of the site will be a branch of the barbarians of the parameters of monsters , who are treated as " companions " .
After a short preparation and the decisions taken , we go to the walls of the fortress , where we witness a conversation with cinematic Expansion in D2. After killing Councillor XY by Baal, the siege will begin.

1. Fortress will be devided into 3 locations .
2. In each section we should defend some object that provides protection to the city , such as a gateway . (Objects were already in D3 , such as Ballist or Cursed Heart in 3rd act )
After the destruction of object by demons, it opens a passage to the next location , where again you have to defend yourself.
3. With each minute the horde of monters will appear in greater numbers.
4. We have to endure the limit x minutes. Then cutscene will take place at ruins of 3rd object. Baal wins and kills You, and begin the slaughter of the rest city.
5. Final Narrative of Deckard Cain

8. Marius Travel to Travincal . Marius . Task type : Get to the location X , Can not be killed

The mission begins in the Tomb of Tal Rasha . Cutscene -> travel with the Dark Wanderer and find Baal. We are witnessing a fight Tyrael with Diablo . Baal outwits Marius. Tyrael instructs us to go to Travincal to go through the portal to Hell , where you destroy the stone.

Marius : “What choice did I have ? I ran”

At this point, we have to run . On the entire route will appear demons that will try to stop us and kill us. Marius is not a fighter and would try all the time to avoid monsters through the use of the skills as sprint, pound of flash, ignore pain, serenity. Monsters in the site would be those known from D2 at this location . After escaping from the Tomb another cutscene , in which Marius came to Lut Gholein , after talking with Meshif , he landed in Kurast . In Kurast we get to the Great Temple in Travincal avoiding Zakarum Zealots . The mission ends with a cutscene, which we have seen in D2.

The Historic Character would have equipment and skills , which can not be changed and we should based only on them. This would give variety and a kind of difficulties for the player - >
1. It would appear that the character is not some super-strong and we should more think during the battles.
2. The Historic Character would be more reliable and we know the fighting style of the character.

I’m waiting on You opinions. And thanks for reading. :)
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