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[ATTENTION] Extended Maintenance - 2/25/2014 - Complete


i waited for months for loot 2.0. played it for aprox 20 minutes, laughed at how stupid i was or putting any expectations into this terrible excuse for a game; then uninstalled.
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Hi Blizzard!

Trying to play D3 I got the Error-Code 33 while you're telling on the hp the maintenance is already done.
So: What's the prob? Are you still working on the maintenance or is it just some Kind of preparation of your users for the release of "Reaper of Souls"??
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ShadowSpawn these are the US forums so have updates for the America's region. You are probably an EU region player so this thread does not apply to you - the EU region is getting its patch today and is still down.
Still waiting for Asia Servers to go up!
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just finished download the patch for 25 hours still unable to play. it says connection failed. getting frustrated.
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Yesterday I was downloading 8GB of Patch and now another 13 WTF Blizz?!?!!?
So Europe still down, getting code 33. When do you expect to be up and running ?
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02/26/2014 05:32 AMPosted by Lightdark
Yesterday I was downloading 8GB of Patch and now another 13 WTF Blizz?!?!!?

You are having a patch looping issue due to a mismatch between the clients. They do not update all at the same time so if you try to connect to the Americas on 2.0.1 with an EU 1.08 patch or vice versa it will try to download the version that matches the region. During patches stick to the region that matches your client.
02/25/2014 09:45 PMPosted by Lylirra
The gold and real-money auction houses are now live. (They've actually be live for a while now, but you get my drift.)

Please note: The ability to buy and sell gold on the real-money auction house is currently unavailable. We’re in the process of investigating this issue, but do not have an ETA as to when it may be resolved. It’s very likely that our investigation will need to continue through tomorrow, and there is also a possibility that the issue may require a small patch to address. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience this may cause.

As more updates become available, we’ll be sure to provide them in this thread.

Have they been taken down again? Because I don't have access to either at this time . . .
My battle.net client says it is "waiting for another installation or update..." and it won't download the patch. Anyone else having/had this problem?
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I still can not log in since the patch. Keep getting Code 33.
I also cannot access either auction house ... the game freezes, I get the spinning wheel of death, and have to force quit the D3 program.
My mac is reaching the end of its life? I bought it when D3 came out, now auction house crashes and I have to buy a new OS…... I might just move on to another game…pce
02/26/2014 03:52 AMPosted by Daniel
Im wondering whats happened to the staff of Herding? The upgrade plans are no longer available from the vendor.

I think that with the new difficulty system, there is now only one staff of herding which works in all difficulties, and Whimsyshire will scale to your level like other areas. Haven't tested it yet though.
The auction house on mac still doesn't work. Any estimation on the fixing time?
same here MARKET IS DOWN for mac.
I am no sure if this is the right place, but on Mac when I try to access the AH, my machine get freeze.
Mine even won't start to download. When i tried to login, it says will download, and pop out. But the launcher does not start to download. Anyone has the same issue? Americas server.
I'm still getting an Error#33 when attempting to login. Is this happening for anyone else?
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