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Greetings all,

This was a sudden and unexpected as many thought the beta would last a little longer. So i threw together a wallpaper to commemorate the beta, This beta was just a blast I spent over 100 hrs on it mostly on the crusader. The bias on the wallpaper was clear here sorry lol. That was my crusader's look at the end of the beta.

I hope you all like, and that is a hell bovine "Lord of Bells" that i got as a rift guardian once, and only once. I couldn't resist adding him there. But with this we the beta a fond farewell as we wait for the expansion to come out in one months time.

See you guys a little later in the week for more wallpaper art.


PS: The original D3 Beta wallpaper can be seen here: http://fav.me/d4zswgz .
If anyone wants to see it. Nothing special but still commemorative of the old beta.