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Stuck using integrated graphics. ><


maybe you need to run as an admin? not sure about that though, the first method works perfectly for me...
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I play D3 on my laptop, and I was playing just fine after the update, using the bnet App, it started happening today... Yesterday I was playing just fine @ 60fps, and now I couldn't get past 20fps... Tried this fix and it worked, Im not sure why it has started way after the patch, but thanks for the fix.
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Blizzard need to figure this out. Quite unacceptable for a game like this........... FIX IT PLEASE.
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Got an alienware m17x R4 on a 680m GTX, same problem, game is unplayable. The fix does not work for me. =o(
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03/07/2014 03:18 AMPosted by Magnets
The problem is not with the drivers, or Windows Update, or the game launcher.. The problem cames when nVidia decided to update their games profile yesterday(silent update), removing the dedicated card option from Diablo 3.

So this affects any driver version with the same nVidia control panel. The alternative way is to reinstall the drivers without internet connection, and deactivate the automatic updates, then enable internet connection again and play without that profile update.

I have done this on my laptop that has GT 750M... however I have entirely disabled Auto Updates period within the NVIDIA Control Panel & GeForce Experience (although doing it through Control Panel should take care of it on Experience program as well), then turned internet connection back on. Diablo 3 will run with the proper NVIDIA GPU now instead of the Integrated Intel HD series card.

So yes, the quoted post above does work! This was definitely the fault/culprit on NVIDIA's end when they decided to silently update the game profiles and such and is not a bug w/ the latest patch for Diablo 3 folks so just do as stated and you'll be back to D3 on ur NVIDIA :)
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03/07/2014 06:44 AMPosted by AngelOfDeath
Got an alienware m17x R4 on a 680m GTX, same problem, game is unplayable. The fix does not work for me. =o(

I have the same laptop and gpu and it happened to me yesterday. There some few ways to fix it. Although I uninstalled the new 334 NVidia driver first to fix the global setting at the control panel and installed an older driver which was the 321.

After installing the old 321 gtx driver, I went to drive C, program x86 to locate D3.exe with the new blue D icon (not the battle net launcher), and to properties, then securities tab, then on advance tab on special permission I found a duplicate administrator that says uninherited (I deleted it). Both admin and user which is me has full control. Right clicking the new D3.exe should say NVidia as default card. Then check on NVd control panel prog. setting, it should say D3.exe running Nvidia card.

I've also placed the blue D3.exe as shortcut to desktop and use it to launch the game now. Battle net launcher also works now. I might put back the new 334 NVidia driver again sometime.
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IF the shortcut workaround doesn't work do as I did:

1. Disconnect fron the net
2. right click computer->hardware manager->devices and find yout graph card. Go to properties and click "revert" or something like that.
3. After a while you will have previous graphics back. Go to Nvidia Experience and disable the update for profiles etc...
4. Connect to the net, change the GPU into GeForce and proffit:)

Hope this helps somebody.

*sry for my English... not my main language.
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So is there any official way to solve the problem? Have no idea why NV would do this.
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Most probably it's because of a silent Nvidia update of the gamer profiles. Makes sence as the symptomes fit this... A few other threads also lead to this. All we can do is try the short cut fix or revert to older drivers and disable updating the profiles and wait.
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I've got the same problem! This morning I got a message from Geforce Experience saying he had optimized some games for me. After that Diablo 3 runs on my Intel HD4000 instead of the 650m. And I can't change it in the settings. (stays on "Integrated Graphics")

Yesterday it was fine but today something has changed. (and i didn't get an Diablo 3 patch, so must be something with the Geforce Experience)

(also posted this message on the geforce.com forum)
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Weird, all of you guys state that i have to disconnect from the net which i didn't do while i reinstalled the drivers the same ones i was using before. I just turned off the autoupdate stuff later and somehow it allows me to freely change the graphics card in nvidia panel even after few restarts. Also -launch fix affects the FPS somehow.
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Thanks. Same thing happened to me but it's working fine now.
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03/06/2014 12:39 PMPosted by PeuPicaseca
When i try that solution it says that i don't have the privileges to choose the preferred graphic card from that menu...

Pretty much same here... any solution to that ?
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worked for me, thanks so much :)
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I had the same issue, after I updated my graphics driver. I rolled back to the previous version and now everything is working great again.

If you can't roll back your drivers.

1. Download the previous version.
2. Uninstall your graphics drivers
3. Restart computer.
4. Install downloaded drivers.

Enjoy guys.
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I'm having the same issue, is there any blizz solution? to this problem?
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03/07/2014 09:38 AMPosted by Corgan
Pretty much same here... any solution to that ?

Hello, i unchecked the "Run as Administrator" box and it worked! using the -launch and choosing the performance graphics card!

Hope this helps ya,! Cheers.
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This works for me, but now I have screen tearing issues that can't be fixed, even with vsync options for BOTH the game or my card (nvidia 680 something). They're not on at the same time, it's one or the other, but there's some VERY noticeable screen tearing.
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Nevermind, it went back to the old 15 fps bull after all the fixes. What the heck is going on?!
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