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2h DPS bugged?

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03/13/2014 07:21 AMPosted by Tramp
Don't think Blue's are ignoring this thread they are not authorized to reply until they have an correct answer before they do. Yet do think disabling the drop rate would do us good until this issue has solved

Customer service at its finest.
Oh of course, my guaranteed Diablo legendary just so happened to be a 2H Sword *facepalm*
Blizzard, in the patch notes when you say "Bug Fix: Fixed an issue where 2-Handed Legendary weapons were rolling damage appropriate to 1-handed Legendary weapons," what exactly do you mean?
So should I just salvage all these 2H drops I get now since they are all the same if not lower than 1H? I mean this is really lame. Why has this not been hotfixed right away?
To recap, the issue is that items drop are based on your level (or a little under), they're not ilvl63 anymore. Skorn, for example, is a legendary version of a lvl 58 Sagaris.

The "Fix" is to get to lvl 70, where each item has a lvl 70 white version that will be used as base for the legendaries.

Do not expect Blizzard to do anything about it.
So 2h is useless until 70 then? How does that seem right? I mean err ugh what kind of system is that?
03/13/2014 11:23 AMPosted by Shadowsword
The "Fix" is to get to lvl 70, where each item has a lvl 70 white version that will be used as base for the legendaries.

Ok, but if they didn't solve this problem for lvl 60, what guarantee do I have that at lvl 70 there won't be similiar bugs? Blizzard just doesn't have any credibility right now...
My earlier post may sound like I agree with what Blizzard has done, because I didn't express my personnal opinion. This is far from being the case. I am quite pissed at the perspective of dropping only dog excrements until RoS is released.

03/13/2014 11:50 AMPosted by Malicar
So 2h is useless until 70 then? How does that seem right? I mean err ugh what kind of system is that?

Basically, yes. Unless you have a monsturous streak of luck, none of the 2.0.X 2H you'll drop will be remotely competitive with a 1.8 2H or a good 2.0.X 1H.

It's the same for armor, by the way, but less visible, as the amount of armor is the only thing that suffer from the loss of ilvl 63 status. Only jewelry and quivers escape the nerf.
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Daily Reminder that Blizzard is ignoring this issue, and the developers lied about it being fixed in a last minute patch note.
I believe the fix in the patch notes targeted an issue where the damage range of the rolled damage affix was around 200 dmg lower than appropriate.
Still, I don't see why there is a gap between character level and item level at level 60, but not at level 70.
Reset quests, killed diablo, got a 1400 2-hander, no sockets. I sighed.
blizzard, just make the 2h droprate 0% until its fixed, please.
So after all of this time not a single word after the so called patch. This is rather sad.
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I just addressed a very similar question over on Reddit. If you don't mind the copy/paste, here's what I wrote! (Figured it was easier to share the whole text rather just providing a link.)

This, and the OP's post, is a good analysis of what's going on here. Allow me to expand on this and offer insight from our perspective.

When we set out to redesign loot in Diablo III, we knew these changes would need to take the expansion into account. This means that it was necessary to create these changes in the scope of the 1-70 experience. The unfortunate byproduct of these changes is what's laid out above - iLvl 63 became level 63 items, which in the current pre-expansion and level 60 experience means they no longer drop.

That said, this issue is unique to the transition time between patch 2.0.1 and Reaper of Souls. No one should experience this when playing the expansion - it's completely unique to the current environment. We understand it's created some awkward moments while playing (i.e. "YAY, a Legendary! Ohhh... it's a 2-hander..."). In order to get a completely full picture of this situation, we can re-evaluate both where potential changes may need to be made and what the best, most informed way is to make them after we can observe the 1-70 experience in a live environment.

Edit: Just provided some additional clarity about the 2-handed bug fix that went live with 2.0.3 here.
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So people who are not intending to buy RoS are just getting shafted than? You broke the game, and forced people to purchase your expansion for a fix.
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