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Extended Maintenance - 3/4/2014


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I don't mind the maintenance, it's the lack of their staff to make it more efficient over the course of SEVERAL years that I do mind. Same bullsh!t almost every patch/update. It's like they haven't learned anything from a service/QA standpoint over years and years in the business.

You should really consider revamping your QA/launch team and their procedures because they FAIL.
For those refreshing their battle.net clients: Be wary, a queue is forming.
Why so long maintenances ? Explain us blizzard, explain...
Thanks for the 40$ you gave us for an expansion that never launched!
03/04/2014 03:17 PMPosted by SamVimes
03/04/2014 03:11 PMPosted by Droskis420
Why would you take off work to play diablo?

In my case? Had no choice. It's holiday here. A thematic holiday. One that I don't like. At all. :-|

Hey guys, no offence - perhaps you should be paying more attention to the russia situation than to a video game under maintenance...

Did I just declare war with everyone on here........?

(just sayin) :)
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Did you know an elephant can be trained to throw a baseball faster than a human?
If nothing else, maintenance brings out some of the best lulz from people.
lol @ Badger
From Blizzardcs on twitter: they say it's looking like maint. will be extended again, no official word yet.
EXTENDED again?!?!?!!?!?
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Twitter says they're expecting an extension again, awaiting updates to post
03/04/2014 03:17 PMPosted by Phrequency
03/04/2014 03:15 PMPosted by argoth

Lineage 2 reference?


No, however I got his ring off a red russian.
The Battle.net service is down for maintenance. Please check the [Server Status] page for more information. (Code 33)

Well this is a sign, we need more blood for the Blood God.
Sheesh, people are so impatient. Do you know how long it takes to figure out what builds/routes people are playing and nerf them? It's not easy!
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