Diablo® III

Extended Maintenance - 3/4/2014


This is the kind of stuff you probably want to do for all the people who play your game when you're about to release an expansion. Who wants to buy that and not even be able to play whenever they want? Lmaoo
03/04/2014 03:31 PMPosted by carlos
03/04/2014 03:29 PMPosted by Ariktu

Sure it will be. For some reason Blizzard has to get better at giving estimated times. They really suck at it.

you must be the most hated company in the whole world , wish diablo was made by EA

Ughhh EA? really? yuck man.. 3/10.
ugh for real? and the same damn thing is gonna happen when RoS drops too, whole system will crash like it always does, why after Warcraft and Diablo can patch days, and expansions do this? You test these systems all the damn time, its getting pretty frustrating when you have limited time to play a game and then this crap happens
Blizzard is obviously new at this patch game.
Wow Blizzard customer service is so bad.....

1) Don't announce its going to be delayed when its already 28 minutes delayed (this is after the first delay)
2) Its still not posted on the official spot in server status
3) It seems like EVERY downtime is extended upon its extended downtime.
The only thing I don't understand is why Blizzard always understimate the downtime of maintenances, instead of overestimating it, which would greatly decrease the amount of frustration for all the players.

Just say it will take 10 hours for it to end, make the servers come back in 9 hours, and everyone will be happy and praising Blizzard for the great job.
@Blizzard To save everyone their frustration, don't under-estimate when the servers are going to be up. Over-estimate it so that people are not left mad/upset. Just giving my thoughts.
well back to !@#$
thanks for the update Nev!
At work, when something breaks, we call maintenance and they fix it.

At Blizzard, when something works, they call it maintenance and they break it.
Thank you for the update, can we have a brief explanation of the issue please, it would be easier if the community knew what was the cause of the delay in not so many words.

Your time in this matter would be greatly appreciated,

Sincerely, The MadHunter
Wow. I really hope with all this maintenance and everything else we get something cool. I would love to see runes and runewords make their way back to Diablo. Not to mention the fact that nothing can be traded anyway whatsoever after the Auction House closes needs to change. People will not want to just trade item for item all the time. Regular trading routes of a chat room for trades and gold trading needs to be reestablished. Once this happens people will have no need for almost anything they find unless it is better then what they have on that charatcer or another character they have.. THis needs to be looked into. BAD.
Should just expect blizzard maintenance patches to take an entire day even if it's just a text label change in some npc dialog.
ლ(ಠ益ಠლ) Y U NO DO MAINTENANCE RIGHT? ლ(ಠ益ಠლ)
Get it together and learn how to patch a game.
03/04/2014 03:31 PMPosted by shilohh8r
03/04/2014 03:30 PMPosted by Carnadosa

Yup! More beer time! Yay!

shgonna be funsh when shervers go lives.


dar derrrrrrr wuzzzzzz whatttttttt eye wuz thkning !!

That ya need moar beer?
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