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Thunderfury + Fulminator

If I were to use both these weapons, would the chain lightning proc from Thunderfury trigger the lightning rod proc from Fulminator?

Links to both weapons in case its needed:
Thunderfury: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/item/thunderfury-blessed-blade-of-the-windseeker
Fulminator: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/item/fulminator

Fulminator just states Lightning damage has a chance, and doesn't specify a source. Also, would items that boost lightning skill damage affect either of these procs? I think most people will probably get where I'm going with this at this point lol.

EDIT: After looking through the item database a bit more, would using this:
http://us.battle.net/d3/en/item/wyrdward also work with the above named weapons? More specifically would all the possible area lightning damage caused by the above weapons all have a chance to stun thanks to this ring?
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Look into a SOJ and Custerian wristgaurds I found some wrist with 19% more light dmg and a SOJ with plus 16% and use whirl wind with the wind shear rune
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WW wind shear is one of my favorite abilities so that is definitely gonna be on there, all the proc chances are smexy. Although the wrist piece you mention is nice (gold picked up is exp, yes please) it dosent come with +% lightning damage so you just got lucky there. SoJ is a huge gamble but can pay off with the right affixes so i agree there. Mainly im looking for is if those 3 items' procs work togethor or not. I am assuming so since it dosent specify otherwise, but sometimes hidden rules can apply that can make a build like this not possible.
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03/07/2014 01:56 PMPosted by Tepedant
If I were to use both these weapons, would the chain lightning proc from Thunderfury trigger the lightning rod proc from Fulminator?

From what I can see on my screen, yes, the proc from thuderfury can proc fulminator.

Also, get Thungergod belt. Good synergy there. Take a look at my build for more lightning synergy. I'm currently in T3, and it's pretty manageable to solo.

Also, don't get hung up on the damage on your character sheet. It doesn't reflect all the procs and lightning damage modifiers.

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DTM700 looking at your overall set up that is very close to what I was gonna be trying for lol. As much +% lightning dmg as I can get, those 2 weapons specifically, and the ring for a fairly high uptime on monster stuns. Glad to hear that the set up is a possibility =D
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ye they do work together but the chance is small though. Also the fulminator procc is rather weak.
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my female barb has this set up, I could do T5 but damage output is really low. Kinda of blows.
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Hey sorry to barge into this thread, Im new back to the game and trying to get a grip on alot of these items being account bound. Things like Custerian wristguards, and the Thunderfury have to be found, correct? They cant be bought, made or traded for?
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BOA. Good or bad I don't know. What I do know is the drop rate is a little rough. There are a lot of builds that look amazing. The issue is getting the drops that can sustain a certain build.
I would like to see the skills have every element. As an example, Rend as cold or lighting damage. WW would be fun with a cold skill or fire with the same fury gain as lighting. What would really throw everyone off is being able to take any skill and apply an elemental damage to that rune.

As an example take the WW lighting rune. Why not change the skill to cold or fire? That way you could adapt to the leg drops. If you find a fire set, change the skill to fire with the same properties. I think it would take some time to dial in the proper damage scale and balance.

With the drops rates that I have seen, the ability to put together a set based on an elemental damage could take some time.
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Yes TF procs Fuminator, works well for me. the chain lightning that arcs from TF can hit its last target on the edge of screen and procs the Fuminator.
Using them with the ring
that gives chance to stun with lightning damage and ammy
that increases stun time, you have a nice combo.

I ran that combo for a bit and did like it.
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I just found fulimantor, been having thunderfury for a while.. I was wondering the exact same thing ever since I saw these weapons for the first time. After using them simultaniously, I can safely say that their procs work together, giving you some huge extra AOE damage. I'm building my barb towards maxing out Hammer damage, so I'm not using WW anymore. This lightning build synergizes pretty well with frenzy (smite rune, stun and lightning damage). Together with leap (thanks to my shoes, I can triple leap) and overpower, the chain lightning procs ridiculously often and will in turn trigger off Fulminator's effect most of the time. nice combo there, I absolutely love it :D still, -45k dps is not quite worth it - fulmi didn't roll a socket :'( my profile's on EU
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Currently I am wearing Tgods with my Windshear WW.
Hopefully those 2 or odyns son will drop for me eventually.

I will be hella happy if i can get those as I don't have to rely on hook to keep em close.
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I must be very unlucky, I went out with my barb with thunderfury and fulminator, and not once did I see fulminator proc off my thunderfury.

I'm talking 30 minutes of testing. I made sure not to have any range abilities (sidearm etc) that could proc it and It never procced on the jumps.
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So this on a monk could be devastating as well then.
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I am running this with 1.2M DPS, the lighting rod does not proc off TF proc only WW.
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03/19/2014 09:15 PMPosted by Baenre
I must be very unlucky, I went out with my barb with thunderfury and fulminator, and not once did I see fulminator proc off my thunderfury.

I'm talking 30 minutes of testing. I made sure not to have any range abilities (sidearm etc) that could proc it and It never procced on the jumps.

It's not proccing on each other.
Just made some test with all of them (even Shard of hate). It procs if you hit a target with a skill, but it will never proc from another proc. If you see a fulmi proc, it means it was from the skill you used and not from the TF proc.
And lightning damage doesn't affect any of them (TF,Odyn Son or Fulmi). It only works with Shard of hate.

Atm, I still don't know which one I prefer. Fulmi is over time, Odyn son is good because of the lightning skill boost (for SoH) and does way more damage (12M proc full buffed, TF only 5-6M) but TF has a very long range proc. (Odyn Son has a terrible range)
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Looks like Im going to try and get a shard of Hate, should be fun to try out. WIfe is going to a party tonight so might grab a slab of beer, look for a shard of Hate whilst getting sharded at the same time.

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Honestly, this is a great combo either way. You get some Lightning damage increase gear like some of the stuff people posted above, use this combo, and with whirlwind windshear and cleave broad sweep (or any other primary really) this combo is insane damage. Tf is rare to proc ure fulminator, but all your other abilities will and the tf aoe thunder damage plus the ticking fulminator with all the thunder damage increase can raise ure dps extremely high.
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Take a look at my present setup. I've Thunderfury, Fulminator, TGod and Warzechian. Typically, TF proc triggers the Fulminator proc and Warzechian proc. This means crazy AOE + increased movement if there are destroyable objects around.

Please note through personal experience, I don't think the items that Increase % [elemental] skills damage affect weapons procs. My TGod and Warzechian (I rolled lightning dam.) improved my Frenzy, WW and Overpower but did nothing for my TF and Ful.

I dislike that but I think it makes sense logically considering "skills" aren't procs.
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