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Extended Maintenance - 3/11/2014


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Updated: 5:59PM PDT

Authentication issues should be resolved at this time.

If you are continuing to experience connectivity issues, it may be related to separate issues as reported in our Technical Support forum. Please post in the appropriate thread should you be experiencing one of these issues:

Thanks for your patience, as always! This thread will be locked as maintenance is now complete.


Updated: 2:20PM PDT

There is currently an intermittent issue where some users are unable to log into Battle.net. We are currently investigating, and as we will provide updates as we receive additional information.


Updated: 12:23 PM PDT

I'm happy to announce that maintenance has ended and you can now log into the game.

Happy adventuring, heroes!


Good Morning, everyone!

We are currently deploying patch 2.0.3. However, we encountered some issues which have delayed its release. To ensure these issues are resolved swiftly and thoroughly, today's maintenance has been extended. At this time, we anticipate maintenance will conclude and the game will be available at approximately 1:00 P.M. PDT. We'll be keeping you updated if that schedule should change.

Thanks again as always for your patience, and we look forward to seeing you in Sanctuary!
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Gee what a surprise....

You would think with all the "unexpected issues" that crop up during a maintenance, that you would maybe have this dialed in now. I mean you've only been running online games for how long now?

I wish I had a job where I could consistently miss deadlines, time estimates, and still continue to work there.

For everyone posting about the 2h not getting fixed...
They just need to say this will get fixed "Soon" because....

Meh they shouldn't give a time frame for it because it is just going to keep changing....see this linked post from 2/10/14 on PTR....


Posted by Grimiku
There's a bug right now that might have something to do with this issue. Some items are rolling their damage a tier lower than intended, and in some cases these weapons are not rolling a damage affix at all. We'll have this fixed before 2.0.1 ships, though.
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O well.
Not a surprise......ugh.
so that will be what 4 pm est?
Calling it now - extending to 4pm.
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It's much more appreciated if you announce the maintenance will take until 3:00 pm and come back around 1:00 pm telling us it is done.
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only Blizzard needs 24hrs to deploy a 14meg patch lol.
guess i should finally get around to digging out my new turtle beach headset and get it working while blizz is doing there maintenance lol bought it last week just been to lazy to hook it up guess todays a good day to do that along with cleaning off my desk lmao got MD cans everywhere from playing d3 XD mabe get the new dls cor CoD ghost downloaded been over a week since it came out
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i think its safe to say that tuesdays are a write off until 7 - 9pm est. will be like this into the exp too.
Nice. Gotta love that online only PC game! Too bad there wasn't the response from customers and company like the Xbox.

How are you guys going to get the DLC live for our release parties like this??? Should we just plan for a release party the day after to skip extended "maintenance"? Or just have a backup game lined up instead?
Shock and awe. Never seen this happen before.
Why do I even wake up????
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