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Diablo 3 on Windows 8.1

I'm planning to upgrade from Windows 7 to 8.1. Are there any specific issues when running D3 in Windows 8.1 or does everything work like it's supposed to?
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If you do that, you do so at your own risk with regards to D3. It is not really supported yet and does have issues finding in the right drivers and settings. Many people also end up having to run it in windowed mode to get it to work.
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Thank you very much for the reply, that's what I was afraid of. I'm just going to hold off on upgrading for now then.
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I ran D3 in 7, upgraded to 8, and then to 8.1. So far I've not had any issues, so long as I keep my drivers up to date.

I will say, Windows 8/8.1 is a very rough experience unless you use dual monitors. But that's personal preference.
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ok, so ive been having an issue, it started after the last patch, ive been playing d3 on win 8 since about april of last year. recently ive been getting a low memory message telling me to close diablo to fix the issue. uninstalled diablo and reinstalled and it actually just came up as i am running diablo right now. have not had any performance issues with the game, i just get the message. anyone have an explanation?

edit: i have a toshiba satellite c855-S5134 500gb hdd 6gb ram
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There's a Microsoft/Intel issue that could be the cause for this. The workaround fix at this time is to make sure you have the games resolution set to the same as your desktop.

Googling "windows 8.1 low memory gaming" will bring up a lot of articles on this problem. You'll find it's happening to most every game out there.

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I think this is Microsoft's way of saying set your resolution properly. I don't have this issue, but decided to Google it anyway to see what the deal is.

I can't imagine why someone would set their resolution to a setting lower than native, and play a game at less than native as well.

I'm not a Microsoft fanboy at all. People should be able to set their PC/game resolutions to what they want to and get any errors, but come on people!
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yeah after the latest patch, it must have reset my settings. resolution of my laptop is 1366 x 768. it was 1280 x 768 on diablo. changed it and havnt had a problem since.
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I'm playing d3 on win 8.1 and I have no problem. I would recommend checking for your drivers before switching as some peripherals aren't yet optimized to win 8.1 yet.
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I've been playing D3 on a mac mini bootcamped to Windows 8.1 with zero issues. And that's about the sketchy-est hardware/OS platform I can think of. Outside of the video driver issues you might have with an OS running 8 or 8.1 should be fine.

All that said... don't 8.1 if you don't have to. The "benefits" aren't worth the issues. Don't even get me started on skydrive and 8.1

Happy D3ing.
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I am using Windows 8.1 and been playing diablo 3 and World of warcraft since the release of win 8.1 i had no issues with any games, as long you met the requirements you'll have no problems

you'll only get problems if blizzards servers are having issues like now..... fix the Diablo 3 US servers please blizzard! i took a day off work to play now i cant!!! lol
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I use Windows 8.1 and have no issues with D3 in regards to the OS. Windows 8 should also set up compatibility settings for any program you use that isn't yet "supported" by those games. I was wary of Windows 8 but the more I use it the more I like it. Once you get used to the interface, it's much faster than 7, does a much better job of distributing resources, and keeps your computer working diagnosing and fixing problems to where all you have to do, is use it. So don't let a couple of posts scare you away from it, nor let a couple posts saying how good it is persuade you to buy it. Research it some more which you appear to be doing and make an informed decision. Best of luck.

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When I ran D3 RoS on 8.1, my keys go sort of virtually "stuck" I'd press force to move button and when I release it my character would just keep on going. Another issue was not being able to press on buttons (took like 2-3 times to press a button as it wouldn't go off).

Tried a few other games, did not encounter this problem . As it wasn't officially supports i just downgraded to 7.
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Anybody can help? I just bought a new laptop and it runs on Windows 8.1. I cannot even download the game client from battle net.
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Please create a new thread of your own as this one is from 2014 and isn't related to your initial problem description. In your post, include a thorough description of the problem you're experiencing including the complete text of any messaging you're seeing. Also, include a list of all of the steps you've attempted so far to resolve the issue.

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