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Where can i find PvP!?

I made a char on Diablo 12 days ago and rush to farm my paragon 220 so i can "decent fight" in Brawling. But i am having a problem to find place with people to fight.

Is there anywhere I can search for Fast PvP group/duel on Diablo3? Like a difficult/Act/Quest which by convention the place people go to fight?
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Set search to brawling and try any act quest searches.
One problem though, there is no way to search all acts and all difficulty levels at once.

Regulars used to host games on mp10.
Maybe we can start getting into the habit of hosting them on T6 again to make searching easier.

Not many being hosted these days, you could also join the pvp chat channel when you log in and ask for a game there.
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Yesterday i tried about 60 times to join public PVP games and in each game people were just farming, not playing PVP. It's a hudge problem I think, basicly you cannot find public PVP game in diablo 3....

Blizzard must do something about it, they did big step forward with game itself and I hope they will solve PVP problem soon as well.

I don't still get it why is it so difficult for them to do, in free mmo games for expample Neverwinter Online there are very nice team PVP matches and everything is working very well, Blizzard is getting so much money for Diablo 3 and they cannot do anything with PVP ?

I also think that PVP games are used by many players as endgame fun.
If Blizzard will not fix it, many players after playing 1-2 months ROS will leave the game.

You cannot farm forever, after short time that kind of playing is boring really.
You get best possible gear than what ?
If you dont have good PVP system in game you will leave the game....
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