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[NEW] 3/13 - Issues Creating Game / Latency Reports


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Hi all, please retest and update the thread if you continue to have issues creating games or are experiencing severe latency. Thank you!
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lol they cant even keep there server up how they going to make a offline mode lol
03/13/2014 06:23 PMPosted by Kalden
Seriously, if you can't offer continuously stable server performance for hardcore characters and players... since you are so unwilling to resurrect wrongly killed characters (that is, killed not due to player negligence or mistakes, but rather by poor company serivce) then offer off line mode!

You wanted it your way, and created the AH. We proved it killed the game.

You wanted it your way, and created your DIII loot system. We proved that the DII loot system was better, and we have it now.

You want to maintain the perma on-line server status... and YOU are proving how ineffective it is.

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time for offline mode blizzard.

Lol Blizz's hands are tied. You have to tell Activision, the evil overlords. I don't think they read the forums.
03/13/2014 06:52 PMPosted by HaXoRsMoBiLe
i think the chinese got mad they cant sell gold easily now

03/13/2014 06:49 PMPosted by zerglingsoup
Maybe I'll go play Sim City! o wait... -_-

I thought I read some where that they were planning to enable offline play in a future update.
Unless I misread it...
still having issues
I like how it says 3/13 lol like this is the first day of this lag lol. Its at least the 4th day in a row of this nonsense!
03/13/2014 06:50 PMPosted by Sunderthighs
03/13/2014 06:49 PMPosted by Rolly
Been holding steady at 80-90 for the last 4 minutes I might venture out of Tristram.

Dont do it...its a trap!

Can't join a public game or make my own. :/
O my God, As I feared... they Nerfed the servers.
wow i finaly got in a game
Seems to be good here
Edit : not anymore...
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broken stilll
03/13/2014 06:53 PMPosted by murk7tactics
not good for people getting off work and want to enjoy some d3, but can't due to crazy lag....

In the same boat brother. 12 hour shift and only a few hours to relax looking forward to this. Kinda made me sad.
03/13/2014 06:53 PMPosted by Araxom
Hi all, please retest and update the thread if you continue to have issues creating games or are experiencing severe latency. Thank you!

oOOoo nice gonna try now

Don't listen to the emotionally challenged kids. This stuff happens. I'm happy the game is fun again. Good work guys.
still broken
Still booting me from creating games
Logged in. Tried to make a game. Worked.

No lag, too, pretty smooth. So far.

Edit - many friends cannot create games, or join mine. Lag seems fixed, but game creation / joining is still iffy.

Edit 2 - Game creation still not working 'bout 50% of the time.
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