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[NEW] 3/13 - Issues Creating Game / Latency Reports


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same here
@ monk Your not saying anything I did not know at time of writing, only piece of info that may need to be added so we are both on the same page is this: Sarcasm.

Been too long playing the piece of shyt game POE and do not remember how to quote off the top of my head. :(
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I am still having this issue.
Im sure they are working something out....
This is a complete joke. Still nothing, but because Im in a good mood; I will give all the blues the


You guys are hilarious with your updates.

No, but seriously if u guys can't keep your act together you better give us that offline mode.

Going to watch a movie, keep it up blizz, hopefully u guys can figure out what kind of kraken monster was deployed during that patch

no lag but still have creating game problems
03/13/2014 07:56 PMPosted by Showfur

I think he was joking from me saying the lag is from a "jay wilson botnet" ;) heh poor jay I feel for the guy... we're still ribbing him.

Poor Jay, his name even turned into a verb. Oh well. It could be worse. Santorum turned into a noun.

_that_ is _hilarious_ hehe .. yeah man his kids have it way rougher than me and my last name is cox ;)
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-finally get into game
-play for 2 minutes
Managed to create a game finally, dunno if it is fixed but I am playing now, I don't want to leave and try again only to not be able to create another one., 11pm EST, southeastern Ontario, Canada
Still laggy. Can't say I'm surprised. Glad I canceled my RoS pre-order...
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lol it's not my connection, it's the wonky servers. After a couple hours, still can't play the game..

I was in a game for awhile with no lag (well it was lagged for awhile and then got better) and didn't realize the problem was back. Now I can't get back into another game.
cannot create game still
I am unable to create a game after several attempts.
Blizzard: We've Identified a problem. Please retest to see if the problem still persists.

Community: Problem still persists <24 pages>

03/13/2014 07:58 PMPosted by Balerion

Shut up. You are not entitled to speak unless I say so.

And yet, I am. Imagine that.


Then I foresee* you being irritated a lot in life. heh

^This. Life's going to be real hard. I recommend doubling up on the Prozac.

Oh look. A kid that doesn't know any better. What are the odds?
would like to hear something from blizzard here on when this is going to be fixed
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