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[NEW] 3/13 - Issues Creating Game / Latency Reports


Cant create a New game......... Cant log in.... Retrieving Hero list.... Not happening -> Error 3006 again and again.
Still happening to me...long wait into disconnection on public games..(Oce)

Still rubber banding I assume, but that's been around for 2 years for Aussies..

Best part about D2? OFFLINE LAN PARTIES. None of this !@#$ty always online crap. Its on YOUR end, you need to run the D3 servers EXACTLY the same as WoW, 180ms all day every day stable connection with that game, but D3? Noooo, here's a yoyo, give it to your latency, lets have a party, oh wait, it's Christmas, look at the flashing lights that is your latency bar.

I'm sick of it.

03/13/2014 10:48 PMPosted by iBleedoranGe
When do you sleep?

One does not simply sleep when there's a game launch < two weeks away!

Sleep is for the weak. Thanks for the update =D. No issues yet.
can join public now. =D
Fix the lag or at least tell us what is causing it ....
03/14/2014 01:13 AMPosted by MrHans
Fix the lag or at least tell us what is causing it ....

yes I can join a game but latency so bad there's no point playing
can create game but... LAGGGGGGGGGGGG ... whats happenin...
Was running smooth and my screen then froze and DC on my HC character. I have played 1200+ hours and this thing has never happened to me before so maybe not completely fixed. I asked around and no one that replied had DC. Thankfully my HC char is alive.
Edited by pharaoh#6229 on 3/14/2014 1:19 AM PDT
I just got DCed from a game and when I recreated a game it was lagging super hard. Pretty much unplayable ATM.
TBH, they do their maintanence during 3am - 11am PST which is 7pm to 3am (Hong Kong time).
Which means I can't play it on Tuesday each week after work,
Appreciate if they balance so other time zone benefits
Still hits some lag spikes! quite large 1000 - 2000ms
I know a great way to make the launch of reaper of souls go smooth remove your online component.
i have fiber optic internet and cant play d3 yet a friend can he lives in the middle of no where and has no problems. Why dont u just make everyone happy and remove the online component of D3 i am not buying reaper of souls unless u can play offline. what are u afraid of someone makeing items u are removeing the AH their fore u should make it playable offline
What an uprising.

We, on EU servers learned to live with that, at least every 2-3 weeks we have few days with those issues, even after Patch 2.0 hit (I understood it while farming MP10 Decaying Crypt, due to to many spawned mobs, but now...)

Still, if they gonna fix it on the US side (unless it is an online attack on the servers), hope it will get more stable on the EU side, too (since it probably would apply a new server patch).

Good luck!
Still can't join games.
Hey all,

We believe we identified the primary source of the issue affecting game creation, as well as the ability to join existing games. We've implemented a fix in the last few minutes and believe that players should now be able to create and join new games without any problems.

We'd love for players to log back in and give this a test; if you continue to experience difficulty creating/joining games, please let us know.

An important note, though: Due to the nature of this specific issue, some players may unable to join existing games (games that were created before we resolved the issue). However, you shouldn't have any issues creating new games.


03/13/2014 10:48 PMPosted by iBleedoranGe
When do you sleep?

One does not simply sleep when there's a game launch < two weeks away!

1. I closed the game.
2. I flushed DNS
3. I shuted down my computer
4. I restarted my modem/router
5. Started my computer
6. Opened the B.Net app as administrator (to make sure there was no hidden update or w/e)
7. Opened Diablo 3 and made a game
8. Enjoy 1 game @~200ms (reasonable since I've been playing @~1.5k ms for the past hours)
9. Then it went back to ~1.5k ms.

Please, oh please, find something :-/
Okay it appears we can join. It just lags out randomly.
Still getting Severe latency issues with the latency jumping to 2000 and staying in the red consistently for days now, making the game unplayable.
keep getting stuck at loading screen....

issue is not fixed :(
tried D3 this morning to see if problems are solved

nope , 500ms to 900ms .... still unplayable

please fix this.

Bell fiber in Quebec city
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