Diablo® III

Will You make a male or female crusader? And why?

I'll be making a male and female, one HC one regular. IDK which will be which yet though.

I just hope we get 2 more character slots, I haven't seen any word on that yet. I assume we will, but Don't know for sure.

I guess I'm weird I never think of the character I'm playing in a game as some kind of avatar of myself, but more as just a character in a story.
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Females. Both for sc and hc.

Why? 'cause females are just f-ing awesome!

I'll start on sc though.
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Probably rolling female first because Mary Elizabeth McGlynn.
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Female because SISTERS OF BATTLE
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1 day left guys 1 DAYYYYYY wooop! Female crusader here we come! :P
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AMEN!! Same here I just won the whole game as the femme crusader, It Rocks!!! the guy not so much unless it voice by Jason Statham other than that no. CHICK ARE PERFECT when you you want to play hot as heck chick character. so Amen bro
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Female. I love the voice actress for the female crusader, even if the voice doesn't match the picture of the head.
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03/14/2014 03:15 AMPosted by Agalloch
Male. Cus I'm a guy. I don't play as a chick. Only chicks play as chicks, or dudes that aren't secure in their masculinity.

You got that backwards.
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