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Will You make a male or female crusader? And why?

I'll be making a Female HC because I care if they die and when they inevitably do die you get to go through the art assets again.

and Male SC because male wish fulfilment is about having the most powerful character possible.
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I'll be making a female for SC and a Male for HC.
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i will make one of each. because i made one of each of the other classes.they play no different so it really makes no difference to me
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I'll flip a coin.
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Female, I rarely make male characters.
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Planning to roll with the male crusader. But the voice acting for the female is equally good, very Galadriel like - it's just that I'm guy and I like playing a male character. Not that all guys need to do that, just my personal preference.
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Female, all the male models in D3 are pretty bad. Especially the WD and Barb. Though the male Crusader has the best voice actor I've heard yet, with the exception of maybe male wiz. Who is of course, Crispin Mo Fuggin Freeman.
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I intend to play a Crusader as intended (no paragon points or assists from gear/gems/gold, etc). Later I'll play the twinked Crusader.

My 'main' is going to be female for aesthetic reasons.
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Actually, dudes who assiduously play guys only, are the ones nervous about their masculinity. Anything outside their narrow comfort zone confuses them. I play both genders and have no issues with either. At 65, retired Marine and retired cop and two grandkids, I don't have to worry about gender identity. I let others identify me.
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03/14/2014 09:52 AMPosted by Chas
Female, because all my characters are female. I'm not sure why I went in that direction. I guess I just like the models better?

I will say that i originally leveled a male barb and female everything else, and considered a male crusader. I suppose it seems more believable that a male could function in huge armor and swing heavy !@# weapons, whereas females work for every other class because they are either mostly dextrous or magic based. Then I said "eh, screw it, she's a nephalem, she can do what she wants" and now use the female barb, haha.

Gotta say I'm disappointed in the childish responses questioning masculinity of dudes who play girls. It's a game.

Agreed on that, my lover plays females yet he's a male, and he is by no means feminine. He plays males too sure enough, and I play males all the time yet I'm a female, it gives you a different feel when playing the game, as in how some enjoy role playing - it gives you a totally different feel when you are acting as someone different. If anyone is to question the masculinity of males playing females, I suggest that they question their own outlooks and ego first.
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I play female characters because I like women, I don't like men.
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All great comments keep them coming. I have decided to play Female and my brother will play male. I can't wait to play crusader they just seem a more funner version of a Monk :P 1 week to gooo woopppppp!
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Female, as I am a female. I almost always choose to play as my gender. It's never been something I've thought very hard about. I like my characters to be a representation of me - I enjoy picturing myself as the hero in the story I guess :)
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03/14/2014 03:15 AMPosted by Agalloch
Male. Cus I'm a guy. I don't play as a chick. Only chicks play as chicks, or dudes that aren't secure in their masculinity.

Please explain then why I'm a female and have a couple of male characters, and why my lover, a male, has female characters, yet he is 100% male and fully secure. I know a few guys other than him, brothers friends who played female characters, they were average manly dudes, always using the term Bro and stuff like that. If you were "secure" of your masculinity, you wouldn't be bothered by making characters of the opposite gender.
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I will be personally making whichever gender my dad doesn't make when we play our crusaders together. So if his crusader's male, mine will be female, and if his is female, I'll make it female.

That or I'll just say "Fuq it" and make my crusader female, even if about 60% if not 80% of all my characters are female xD
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Female Crusader....because I generally just like seeing strong female characters kicking !@#. The genre doesn't really matter much.
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03/14/2014 02:54 AMPosted by BlackKnight
I usually make male characters in games as I see the character as an avatar of me. It's meant to represent me. That's just the way I see it, so it feels strange to me playing a female character.

Usually ^this, however there are exceptions. For example, when I played the wizard class back in the Beta, I disliked both the male's and female's attitudes. When I came around to rolling wizard after the game launched, I picked the female because she wasn't as bad as the male. Funny this is, after playing for a while I found her personality to be quite amusing.

As for the crusader, I'll roll a male first. Why? Mainly because the classes archetype hails back to the warrior from D1, and the Paladin from D2.

I did watch the interview with the actors and was quite impressed with both so I'll definitely be manning two crusaders along with three or so DHs.

P.S. On a side note, I played a male all the way up to P100 and then for a long time after that. Once Paragon 2.0 was announced, I rolled a female DH and, lo and behold, it felt like a new class almost because she moved the same but differently.
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03/14/2014 12:17 PMPosted by Jushiro
Why is it you're commenting in here but there's no response to the epilepsy thread?

This thread is about personal opinion and preference.

That one isn't asking a specific blue their opinion on a subject. A blue response there would imply a corporate response or action on the matter. Something which they are probably unprepared to comment on assuming they have any intention to address it in the future to begin with.
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Of course male. Because I am one.
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