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I like how he backs up all of his claims with facts. Makes it so much easier to believe him and understand his point of view.
I can't see how RDP is bannable when Multi-boxing isn't.

And they're going to support Remote Play on the PS4 version through the PS Vita.

So, he must have been doing something else to get banned.

I hope. Blizzard can't be that stingy or hypocritical about their policies. It makes no sense.

Dude must have been exploiting or hacking in some way.
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03/14/2014 08:21 AMPosted by Killrog

Are you ... ok.... in the head?? I didnt have my account banned or any games banned... are you seriously ok though? I have some friends that might be of help to you, one works in an institute helping people that display worrying symptoms like yourself.

Who's trolling now buddy?

I'm just stooping to your level roach. Maybe then you will understand what I'm saying =)
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Couple reasons for the lock here:

  • If your friend would like to dispute his action, he should contact Customer Support. It's possible this was an erroneous account action, but that's not something I can investigate. He needs to contact the proper folks to look into this issue.
  • We don't permit posts that are entirely in caps. Please avoid doing this with future posts.
  • We also don't permit discussing account actions on this forum. This is primarily for player privacy. Again, the only proper place for this discussion is between your friend and our folks in Customer Support.

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