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What is your Crusader build?

Zeal was my favorite build in D2, so I'm trying a build to recreate that feeling with all my knowledge of D3. I also want to use skills in each category so I can get a feel of how everything fits together for the Crusader, and I also want to focus on +fire % damage affixes on my gear to support this build.


I will use it with this weapon and shield:


I want to focus mostly on offensive damage like a Barb feels, and hoping that the Shield Glare CC will be enough to keep me alive. I can always drop Wrathful for another defensive passive like Vigilant if I need it, or switch out my Law for more all res and CC immunity, but I'm hoping I can get some life per Wrath spent gear, too, since this build is going to be very fast at building and spending Wrath. If I don't need the Shield Glare, I can change it to Judgement with Resolved for extra damage with the 80% crit chance.

I also came up with this "Block Crusader" build that I think would be fun to try out: it's all about getting enemies to hit you so you can block them and do stuff with those blocks.


I don't know if Thorns applies when you successfully block, I don't see why it wouldn't but it would be a great build for it. You could replace Insurmountable passive for the Thorns one. I think Shield Cross just sounds cool and fun, but there are better runes for it. You could also use Blessed Shield instead for more versatility, or simply drop Iron Skin for both Blessed Shield and Shield Charge.

Looking into some more of the magic Crusader abilities, I thought about trying something like this:


This build is all about keeping your life per second up while hitting from medium range. I don't really know what the best FoH rune is yet since they sound really complex and requires practicing in game, but this one sounds like the bolts that come off zap enemies like a Monk's Cyclone tornado does in Sweeping Wind for massive AoE.

And finally, I wanted a Holy Bolt Hammerdin to try out for the memories:


This build is all about getting into the center of a mob and spamming Hammers. I went with Limitless for the holy damage, thinking +holy % damage affixes would work well.

What are some theory builds you have?
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Why are you using heavenly strength with a one hander anyway?

And if you take out heavenly strength, why bother with hellskull?
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It's a two hander flail. It just says one hander for some reason on its page.

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03/16/2014 11:03 AMPosted by SOC
It's a two hander flail. It just says one hander for some reason on its page.

Ah ok, that's weird then.
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I couldn't possibly say what the full build is going to be yet, but I am eagerly looking forward to something that involves Answered Prayer (20% chance for Nephalem Glory on hit) with the Nephalem Majesty passive.

It will allow me to easily have Nephalem Glory fully stacked for every engagement. If the sexy damage bonus is not enough, the movement speed bonus goes beyond the cap, and will help to offset the penalty of Heavenly Strength.
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read the tooltip it says "two-handed flail"
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Depends on my role or situation. There is no "1 build to rule them all" with the crusader. You guys need to think outside the box a little and actually learn a class for once instead of copy pasting everything. I dont blame you though... the finger is pointed at blizz ffor making you guys lazy afters years of catering to casuals, you guys forgot what it was to "feel" out your character

Ps. Finally downed UBERS today in Torment3 me being the tank. who ever wants to donate to my repair bill please send ur gold to..... ;)
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