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Your not fooling anyone BLIZZ[u][/u]

So to start I would like to say that PVP and any other sort of notable competition is what makes a game thrive. after endless hours of farming you start to ask yourself what other options do I have intuits game? For instance in COD you get bored of campaign you move on to team death match, you get bored of TDM you move to wager rounds, to domination, zombies and so forth. In D3 you farm for 20 minutes get bored and stop playing.

From a marketing point of view blizzard you only hurting yourselves. I don't mean to be harsh but its true your fans have been asking and asking and you have ignored for way too long.

I think the blizz team needs to realize that saying this is a "ONLY PVM" game is a terrible way to construct a game because first off that just a way of saying "WE ARE LIMITING GAMING CHOICE", and nothing more. As a team your not going to find some new evolution in gaming by taking no risks and just limiting the player.

If you just implemented this you as a gaming company would just add you your fan base making your expansions more profitable.


Diablo is an unbalanceable game in the aspect of true equality, and so by this reasoning we will continue to farm to get better. PVP gives us propose to actually want to play.
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Agreed. Setting up "balance" as a prerequisite for launching a complex PvP game is an impossible hurdle. But hey, they know they're sitting on a gold mine if they can hold the PvP patch as a carrot until the last possible moment. Its the american way: conflate customer satisfaction with increased billing while doing as little new work as possible.
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F balance. Just make it fun.
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Hostile mode needs to come back. Part of why Diablo 2 was so great is because you could have a lot more to deal with than just monsters. And it was also nice to hunt players down. Pvm is cool and all but PVp adds a real risk factor. You could also make the player chat better, make the game more social and build a competitive yet still cooperative community. Bounties on players could also be something interesting with hostile mode. You could connect it to the auction house. That would also be something that would also limit players who have an upper hand in pvm from abusing other players while they are trying to farm. You would have to bring back the game choice though, as in picking a specific game session to join into by name.
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