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03/24/2014 10:00 AMPosted by Kanjihack
[EDIT] Corrected Thunderfury's internal cooldown, it scales on attack speed and prevents the effect from proccing more than once per attack cycle, e.g. with an attack speed of one it can proc once per second, with an attack speed of 2 it should proc once every .5 seconds. The original information I had was based on second-hand research and seemed accurate at first glance.

I knew something wasn't right with what others have been saying about Thunderfury. I've been telling my friends on Teamspeak over and over (to the point they're probably sick of me saying it) that I've been getting more than 1 proc per second with it. It has a very clear visual, and against single target bosses I see it go off at least twice a second rather regularly. You also see it happen quite often in the video I posted of the build in action. It also explains why I'm able to do so much more dps with it in my Chain Lightning build than others who don't have Thunderfury but who have comparable dps. I believe this also makes it clearly the best weapon for the build, as you'd need Fulminator to proc on 5-6 mobs right away in order for it to get close to Thunderfury. Shard of Hate might compete with TF, though, but we'll have to wait to see.

Thank you so much for confirming my suspicions. Glad I don't have to hunt down a Fulminator with a socket now. :)
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Yes, I noticed some inconsistencies when I was checking whether it works with Paralysis last night: basic attack would proc it on back to back attacks, which obviously wouldn't have been happening at my aspd of 1.56 if the internal cooldown was fixed at 1 second. This behavior occurred during channeled spells as well. I'dve added it right then but I wanted to explore it more thoroughly first.

After I realized it works this way it did occur to me Thunderfury's proc is much much stronger than I had originally thought. I'm just glad I caught this now and not several weeks or a month from now xD
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Only one I know off the top of my head --

30s Internal CD
Buff does exactly as described and makes all skills cost 0 spirit for designated time
Shows buff bar icon
Proc rate is not 100% and is based on Proc C of skill used
Testing exact Proc rate seems exceedingly hard but I would peg it at 25% or so

Will report back with exact Goldwrap and Sankis mechanics! :D
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03/20/2014 11:37 AMPosted by Kanjihack
Strongarm Bracers - http://us.battle.net/d3/en/item/strongarm-bracers

Works with both Impactful Wave and Force Weapon. Mirror Images with Impactful Wave do not apply the debuff, i.e. knockbacks must originate from you to apply the effect.

Have you tried testing this with a Windforce bow on the Scoundrel follower to see if it will work properly?

03/20/2014 11:37 AMPosted by Kanjihack
Ice Climbers - https://us.battle.net/d3/en/item/ice-climbers

Cold damage reduction is multiplicative with all other forms of damage reduction, including Blur. Orange text does exactly what it says on the tin. Jailer effect still deals damage but won't immobilize you. Similarly, Frozen explosions still deal damage but no longer freeze. Doesn't do anything against chill/snare/stun, as far as I know. Haven't seen these in action since PTR, anyone care to confirm they still work this way?

On PTR, Ice Climbers would make you immune to the snare from Kulle's Time Warp bubble, and they would also make you immune to the snare from the black pools of oil or whatever in Desolate Sands.
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Good idea, I'll add this to my list of things to test tonight. Pretty sure I have a WF somewhere to try it with.

Hm, I never saw them used in these situations. Do you suppose they'd work on all snare/slow/chill effects, then? I'd trade a good chunk of EHP for that.

[EDIT]@Druin - Didn't notice your post, at first, as I was posting from my phone and was in a bit of a hurry. Thanks! For now I'll throw this into my document on these, I'll add it and any other stuff like it once I figured out specifics on where/how I want to go about incorporating it.
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03/24/2014 04:07 PMPosted by Kanjihack
Hm, I never saw them used in these situations. Do you suppose they'd work on all snare/slow/chill effects, then? I'd trade a good chunk of EHP for that.

I remember my friend Gendehar saying that Ice Climbers were making him immune to the snare from Frozen Pulse, so I'd assume that yes they make you immune to all snare/chill effects. Best way to test would be to find someone with them and take them into the Brawling area and cast stuff like Ray of Frost, Time Warp, and Impactful Wave on them. Also try arcane damage with Temporal Flux, etc.
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tal rashas 4 piece set. not that anyone is using it but the meteors cast from the set bonus eat up the charges by power hungry. pointless together.
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03/24/2014 05:29 PMPosted by old97ss
tal rashas 4 piece set. not that anyone is using it but the meteors cast from the set bonus eat up the charges by power hungry. pointless together.

Makes sense that they would, considering the way the meteors act in all other respects. I'll add a note about this since it isn't necessarily obvious that this would happen.

The Frozen Orbs on Wizardspike work in the exact same way as the Tal meteors do in terms of what they can and can't proc and what skills/affixes they interact with, so I'm assuming this applies to those as well. Adding that to my list of things to test, to be sure.

[EDIT] Okay, now that RoS is launched I'm taking a break from research to actually, like, play the game. Will get back to basic attacking monsters and beating up/getting beaten up by random strangers in the brawling arena in a couple days.
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Quick update: been really wrapped up in new RoS goodies so I haven't been able to test a whole lot out, but since everybody is buzzing about Black Hole I thought I'd mention that I'm reasonably certain that it's able to proc the debuff on Strongarm Bracers. Not adding this to the main page just yet since I'm not 100% sure and plan to do some very controlled testing soon, but I thought it bears mentioning nonetheless.
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Nabbed a Shard of Hate, limited testing suggests it currently procs off every lightning/cold ability *on cast*. The cold proc shoots a single white orb that travels straight out from character's current facing direction. lightning proc appears to be exactly like shock pulse; 3 randomly traveling sparks.

Channeled spells (electrocute) I think proc twice a second like familiar.

All in all, solid dps boost. Might test more later.
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Ah, excellent, thanks! Does it appear to have an internal cooldown?

Familiar doesn't fire at 1.5x/2x speed with channeled spells anymore, if it's behaving that way with Shard I suspect it will probably be hotfixed.

[EDIT] Followup question - do the procs behave in a manner consistent with other on-hits? For example, do they seem to proc LoH or on-hits from other pieces of your gear? I'd suspect not, but it wouldn't hurt to be sure.


Added -
Firebird's Finery
Vyr's Amazing Arcana
Ring of Royal Grandeur
Bul Kathos' Wedding Band
Shard of Hate

Working on at least making stubs for the other bounty bag legendaries.

Obviously don't know much about Firebird's or Vyr's, does anyone even have these complete yet? If so, a.) you're a scumbag, and b.) let me know what's going on with these!
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Clarified/expanded on Strongarm Bracers (thanks, BDF!) and some other entries (Nemesis Bracers, mainly).


Sky Splitter (thanks Ruin!)
Warzechian Armguards
Pride's Fall

May have added some others but I didn't sleep very well last night and was super loopy all day today, so I'm not really sure xD
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Does no proc on chests only, but also on flipping corpses, vandalizing weapon racks and so on. Does not work with breakable things like urns or barrels.
Doesn't seem to have a cooldown but is severely limited by how many chests you can open during combat.
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Razor Strop - http://us.battle.net/d3/en/item/razor-stropIn progress. Does this have an internal cooldown? Does the explosions originate from you, or from the health globe's location when it was picked up? The former seems the more sensible of the two.

Not sure if this has been answered but I have one of these. There's no internal cooldown and the explosion is centered on your character, regardless of who picked up the globe.
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Awesome, updated both entries.

@Apo - I'm assuming the spooky ghosts work exactly as per unruned Haunt, is this correct?

@Bukizzle - You wouldn't happen to be able to tell if Strop procs EE or Conflagration, would you? I'd suspect it at least applies EE since other procs seem to do the same.

[EDIT] Might collect up all the acknowledgements and move them to the still-empty post two, things are starting to get a little cluttered and it'll only get worse from here since there's no way I'll be able to maintain the current proportion of community research:Kanji's research
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Bul-Kathos's Wedding Band could use an update:

03/14/2014 12:51 PMPosted by MrDeAtH
Bulletpoint version, after more testing:- Drains .4 percent (004) of the monster's current HP. Meaning the damage to the monster and the heal to yourself goes down as the monster HP gets lower. - It ticks once each time the monster hits you, and also once per second continuously when you are in range.- Example: Zombie with 1 mil HP hits you, it will get return damage of 4000 on-hit, as well as start to take 4000 per second continuously. You heal for up to 1% of your max HP on this mechanic, so if you have 100,000hp, you heal for 1,000 each time this ticks or zombie hits you. If two zombies hit you, they both take 4,000 on-hit as well as 4,000 continuous, but you only heal for 1,000 on-hit, and 1,000 per second max.
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03/28/2014 11:19 AMPosted by Kanjihack
@Bukizzle - You wouldn't happen to be able to tell if Strop procs EE or Conflagration, would you? I'd suspect it at least applies EE since other procs seem to do the same.

I haven't specifically tested those scenarios. I will try and get back to you in this thread when I can.
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03/28/2014 11:19 AMPosted by Kanjihack
@Apo - I'm assuming the spooky ghosts work exactly as per unruned Haunt, is this correct?

Yes I think so.
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