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Honestly? Any and all barbarian-specific legendaries - because there isn't a single one of them that isn't insanely good up to a point of being BiS until completing a set. Skull, Cassius, Chilanik's, Air Nubtro's...I don't care which...
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Since 2.0 Release for my barb...


but i get every other item...but no ward...
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My friend dropped two for his wiz already, while I was in the same game !!! :(
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Thunderfury with a socket (got it)
Azurewrath with a socket
Lut Socks
Earthquake Set
Leg ring that gives -1 set item required
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03/21/2014 05:12 PMPosted by TheMainEvent

My friend dropped two for his wiz already, while I was in the same game !!! :(

Not much of a friend not to drop you the second one ;) I know, not STR.
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IK chest for the ancients last forever set bonus
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IK helm with hota bonus and IK chest so I can keep the 3 pc bonus.

So I can wear frostburn and lut socks/ice climbers.

Thunderfury to go with my Azurewrath.
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03/21/2014 12:39 PMPosted by KevinTSmith
2.0 Fire SOJ

Optional/For Fun:

Thunderfury - Have Thundergod belt and other +lighning gear. Want to try a lighning build.

Spending most of my time farming XP in COTA or A1 Rumford's or A3 Keeps to keep it fresh. No point in really farming too many items right now IMO. If I get them though, great!

I think your thread is good luck...I got a Thunderfury one day after posting! Very pleased.
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looking for this for 3 weeks...haven't found yet...


could someone tell me where I could find one?
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i've been looting for the immortal king set. Where is the best place to look for these?! so far i only got the helm... but i got thunderfury already... XD
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Got a fulminator last night and have been sitting on the set Barb sword. So I would like either a TF or the other set item.

Any, and I mean any IK piece as well
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I want a god damn Ice climber or IK boot ..:D

got my bis seven sins last night. :D
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Burning Axe w/ Str + socket
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before the tremor T1 nerf and set items, the best place was normal diablo runs...you could reach diablo after 1h45min... with a little luck, you got zero legendary on your way to diablo, or 1 to 2 legs in act 1 before skeleton king.

This means, your timer were at a high bonus standing, with 100% leg chance, the extra bonus increased the chance to a set items significant.

From my 3 IK chest, 3 IK hand, 1 IK shoes, 1 IK helm, i got 4 items from diablo, 2 more on the way to diablo as random drop, and only 2 other drops as random in other difficulty.

Could be the reason why they nerfed it... but i think it should still work with T1 diablo runs...only the boss fight should be longer.

Best thing at quest resett, your overall drop rate is fare higher than without.

Diablo kill with quest resett, 1-8 items, mass gold, 1-3 gems, 1 100% leg

Diablo without, 1-5 items, zero gold, 0-1 gems
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Issue with quest reset is that you spend those 100-120 minutes doing a whole game clear for that guaranteed legendary. I've done this a couple of times on my wizard and the max number of legendaries per clear was 4 + 1 from diablo.

Meanwhile, my barbarian farming Core of the Arreat (+ Keep Depths 2 when I start feeling sick of the repetitive run) woud get at least 2 legendaries per hour, and usually a legendary plan. Also, from my personal experience, full game clear is extremely tiring given that you have to rush to the quest areas, get the right paths, spam to skip dialogues...
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All I want for expansion day is a thunderfury :-)
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Yes, quest reset is a speed run...

but i got thanks to the RNG there items, which i never seen before, when i played without...
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I really need a godly ik chest...and a better lightning soj and ofc a better thunderfury.
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The IK set of course :)
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A lot of people saying Ice Climbers prevents you from being frozen, since when was this the case? All i understood was that they reduced damage from cold attacks?

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