Diablo® III

Urzael knocked me out of torment 1

Level 65, solo

It might because barbs are horrible when facing mobs one on one, but he was able to pound me pretty quick as well if i didn't kite his moves. So I lowered it to master to beat him.
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Thats whats up.
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Good to know.
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I did the same with my monk after a few attempts. I did not expect the flamethrower and it just barbequed me. I did not expect him to hit like a truck and with 300 mil HP I just bumped myself into Master after the fourth attempt. Then he had 230 mil and did't hit quite as hard, but even with the breathing room I found myself moving around quite a bit.
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just wait for malthael... son of a gun was pretty tough. kept me on my toes thats for sure.
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I tried to take him out with two 60+ characters in my party. After an hour we just gave up.

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No go with my lvl 65 WD and 4300 Int and +15 Firebats and +15 fire skills on three items... maybe he is fire resist?
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Dat flamethrower. I have almost 3mil toughness (190k hp, 1100 AR and 7k armor) and it fries me in less than a second on T1. Gotta move quicker!
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he's a MOFO and I love it; I was on my DH with only 910k tough and I could not kill him on T1... and that's perfectly OK!!
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I just killed him, took a bit long, but I didn't find the fight that challenging. Using whirlwind, you can effectively go behind him every time he tries to attack you, and just don't get hit by the obvious projectiles.

EDIT: At level 66.
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For some reason I was getting over 100 mill Hammer of the Ancients? Was it a hotfix or something?
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I beat everyone on T1 except Malthael.
That guy.......was tough.
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Blizzard I just killed Malthael and I LOVED what you did for the expension. I'm now starting the adventure mode.

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The first time through you're probably going to have to drop the difficulty at least once again. I wound up finishing the game on Hard my first go round, which was sobering after spending so much time at MP3-7/T2-4 in vanilla.
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stayed on master, beat everything else, till malthael, then dropped to expert for him, i mean i probably could have done it if i was patient enough but i didn't want to take 20 minutes on a boss fight.
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Didn't find Urzael that difficult, my friend and I were able to keep it on T1. We did lower the difficulty when fighting Adria though. May have been able to beat her but we were both tired and losing focus causing us to miss the fact we were standing in the bad.

Back up to T1 although I'm expecting to drop it back down to master when we reach malthael as well.
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The reason torment is hard to swallow is because 1) you're not in end game gear like you are used to in vanilla and the more important 2) you are still leveling and monster difficulty is increasing.

Expert is probably a reasonable target until you get a few 70 legendaries. Torment is probably feasible once you've gotten many and higher levels are going to be doable with the aide of the mystic.
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samething happened to me lastnight us barbs can take on 20 twenty elites but throw one boss or elite against us and we get steam rolled lol
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The bosses are pretty challenging in Act V, so it's perfectly normal to lower your difficulty a bit (especially while leveling). Remember that difficulty is separate from monster levels now, so if you're wearing a lot of pre-61 gear or you've had less than fortunate luck with upgrades and find yourself struggling, you always have that option to adjust your difficulty setting, if only for the time being.
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I just hope this time we have a clear progression path to getting ourselves into the higher difficulties. I hope the protections for bad luck rolls are good enough that some of us don't get stuck in forever-not-torment mode since trading is absolutely out of the question now.
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