Diablo® III

Reaper's Fear

Does anyone knows where we can obtain/farm the legendary component "Reaper's Fear" for the craft Reape's wraps : http://us.battle.net/d3/en/artisan/blacksmith/recipe/reapers-wraps

Thanks you all :))
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You have to kill Malthael. He drops them the first time you kill him.
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Someone over @ Diablofans put together a neat list of the legendary components.


Good luck!
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i know but :

Acquired from: Act V, ?, Malthael (unconfirmed)
Where to farm: ?
Used for: Reaper's Wraps, Wrists, Health globes restore 25–30% of your primary resource, 8 random magic properties (might be only 5 properties?)

they don't know !
and yes i drop the plan after the malthael kill but the component it's an other story
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Same question.
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i wanna know so badly! dropped plan!
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I'm searching Act 5 nothing yet. I also need Glowing Orb for Cosmic Source if anyone knows where to get that confirmed
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Anymore info on this?
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After 70 you mean?
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Malthael dropped it for me the first time I killed him, I guess it's not a guaranteed drop since my co-op partner didn't get it.
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Do you have to reset to have a chance at it again? I've killed in 8 times and not one. Can you do it on lower difficulty's?
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Need the same answer as Frosty can we have it after the first kill and is it possible in lower difficulty ?
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Why do you

03/25/2014 04:13 PMPosted by Calamity
70 legendary... It's just a normal 4primary/2secondary set of bracers with a decent affix. Try playing

Cause we want to be, why do you care, is it affecting you in some wayk, go troll somewhere else, lowlife
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03/25/2014 03:51 PMPosted by Calamity
Read the damn item:

"Only one who has gazed into the black abyss of death could experience such fear."

Malthael drops it (the two people I killed him with last night both got one, in addition to the recipe).

What difficulty were you on? I've killed him twice on torment 1, and once on torment 2, and once on torment 3 now and haven't gotten anything. Bad drop rate, errr?
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killed him T1 about 3 times. what difficulty is this found on
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I've killed him like 30 times and no drop
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I got the plan but not the crafting material. We probably just need to keep choosing the quest.....I hope a complete reset isn't necessary to make the drop possible.
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2 hours now killing malthael and didn´t drop it. torment 1
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