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Skull of Raylend

Hi guys i've been trying to farm this thing all afternoon and i don't feel very efficient with finding the purple golgors. I've just been creating games in adventure mode and looking for the bounties for the guys. Does anyone know of a quick way to find these guys for the Skull?

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I'm searching for it too.. i've heard bholen in keep depths 2 drops it but ive killed him twice and nothing :-) hes a rare spawn and kinda hard to farm
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the thing on diablofans says keep depths 2 and rakkis crossing so tonight i just ran both hoping to find a rare didnt find one. Tomarrow im going to give this a real shot!
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I first tried farming this in Torment 1 hoping for an increase chance for the Skull to drop... but on 3 run throughs never saw the rare. And T1 was just taking too long, so switched to normal. But i've been at this for 1.5 hours and have yet to even see the rare champion. :(
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I read the same thing on Diablofans, Bholan is supposed to drop the Skull. The only problem is he doesn't drop the skull. I've been farming him for 5 hours on T1 AdvMode, I've killed him at least 30 times... No skull.

I haven't even seen Garganug as a bounty, but i'm going to keep trying for another few hours with Bholan, if he doesn't drop it, I'm going to pray for Garganug to spawn and see what happens.
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were does garganug spawn?
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He finally dropped the skull, it took 40-50 tries. Just keep restarting your game until his bounty appears, run directly too him, don't complete the bounty to save some time. Complete it after he drops of course for some xp/money.
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Garanug spawns within the first section of the Rhakkis Bridge, in the first lowered section of the bridge, but don't bother, he spawns 1 / 10 times and you never know for sure if he's there. If you would rather farm him, I would suggest making sure there are no bounties on the bridge, especially "Blaze of Glory", because it spawns the bridge without the section he spawns in.

Bholan is the best because it's 100% guarantee he's down there (if you have his bounty), plus you can do the Forge bounty, Cursed chests, or Ghom if you really wanna mix things up, then head to the bridge and run to Siegebreaker, but my recommendation is go straight to Bholan and reset, don't worry about anything else.
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I haven't been able to get the bounty for Bholan for over 50 tries now. I'm I doing something wrong?
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I found a youtube video showing that 1-3 different rare mobs spawn that can drop the skull in the Core of Arreat. Here is the video... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zVzE4FJ8C3E

I will be trying this a bit and see if it happens.
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where do you find bholan?
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Did 150 runs on core and found him 50-60 times but it didnt even dropped it. Damn rng
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Bholan, Lvl 2 Keeps, Act 3.

150 Runs is a lot, and I definitely think they need to up the drop rate a tad. However, searching for this damn thing made me a master at Act 3 bounties.. go ahead, ask me a question about Act 3, I can probably answer it =D

Searching for mat's like this gives you something to do while you continue your search for RNG Legendary drops, crafting legendaries takes RNG out of the equation a little bit, It's something tangible you can work towards. I'm in a love/hate relationship with crafting. I want cake, I want cake now!
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it must just drop from any demon thats purple then?
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THIS DRIVES ME NUTS! I still havent even see Any skull crafting mat nore have i found the mobs that drop it well i did find the core of arret guy but not the keeps guy or rakkis crossing

Edit: finally found bholen lol after 20 resets and he didnt drop it rofl gg!
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Found this in Core of Arreat doing a bounty. Don't remember the name of the mob that dropped it, but I can confirm it drops here.
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After two hours of farming this Im almost about to give up if i didnt get so many legendarys from farming the purple mobs lol and doing the runs!


Finally got it!


1. give up
2.spam join and leave adventure mode and look for bholen (whatever his name is) kill him then run to core of arret and clear that.
3. Get lots of legendarys and hopefully not to many runs later and like 60 leave/joins and boom ya got it!

EDIT! again!

DONT BOTHER WITH CRAFTING! I spent 2+ hours looking for this stupid item then i hit craft and its spendy already just to craft mat wise then boom! CRAP rolls all around!
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Been at this for almost 3 hours again and still no luck. This is way to low of a drop rate for the helm to be a piece of !@#$ on the first roll.
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Can anyone confirm if the 3 golgars spawn without the bounty on them?
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