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Witching hour

Hello people,

I would like to know, if there will be a 70's Witching Hour?
Because, I didn't found anything good like my 60 so far.
If anyone know about that, please answer.

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You should be able to find level 70 versions of older legendaries. Keep in mind that some legendaries have had their stats tweaked before. I think there was a legendary weapon that had natural chd removed.

If witching hour still has chd, I would like one too lol

That's pretty insane how you got 6 primary properties on that belt though. Most items I find generally roll 4/2.
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Yes man, for sure, a belt with CHD is pretty good, and if still has 70 witching hour, will be the best in slot for all the classes, lets wait and see what is gonna happen.
I'm praying that we can found one!
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That's a pre-2.0 Witching Hour. As evidence by 6 primaries.

And yes they come in a level 70 post-2.0 version. Which will probably have less AS/CD than the level 60 version since they rescaled it.
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265–314 Base Armor
Attack Speed Increased by 5.0–6.0%
Critical Hit Damage Increased by 26.0–28.0%
Increase between 10-15% of resource generator.
+3 Random Magic Properties

I believe I've seen the crit damage rolls higher in game than indicated here in the game guide. Don't be mad at me if it doesn't though ;p
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yes it drops. I've seen it on reddit. CHD now goes up to 50% and IAS to 7%.
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Can you link it please? The d3 database shows Post-2.0 Witching Hour to have 26-28% CHD and 5-6% CHC.

Edit : NVM, i found it quickly on reddit : http://i.imgur.com/yodK49r.jpg.
As you can see it's got 48% CHD and 7% AS.

So we can upgrade it to lvl 70 witching hour.
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