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Freezing when doing Nephalem Rifts

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Hey peeps. Im not sure yet, but I realized that I used my Enchanter as follower for a long time. A couple of days ago, I swapped to my Templar. Can any of you confirm if you all use your templar in single player games when doing rifts, and if so. Hire a different follower or no follower at all and just teleport in & out until you get stuck or when it doesn't happen anymore. Since I don't have the problem in party games, I seriously think the Templar follower is causing this (at least for me). Not entirely sure yet, still trying some stuff out.

(Update 9:24AM)
Swapped from my Templar back to Enchantress and havent had a single loading screen Freeze yet.
And ran at least 9 or 10 rifts since.

Kind regardz,
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Finally successfully completed a rift without crashing.

What worked for me is:
- Disable the in-game sound based on another thread here.
- Set the graphics to low.
- Turn off reflections.
- Never portal to town until after the rift is completely done. This means only picking up what you really care about carrying out of the rift.

No problems with taking the Templar along.

However, if I re-enter the rift after leaving, before the timer runs down, I get an immediate crash to desktop.

The only other oddity is a majority of the chests on the map are completely empty. I'm used to seeing something from a chest even if it is just a few pieces of gold.

mid-2012 Macbook Air
OS X 10.9.2
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So. After once again getting freezes in loading screens before / during or after rifts, I dropped all my Followers and pretty much run around alone. Have not had a single freeze since. Also at the end of each rift guardian I wait around a few seconds and or de-activate any remaining buffs, since I have the feeling that the silent buffs you get from your followers cause something to make the game / loading screen freeze up.

I hope this might help others who experience the same problem and the lowering graphic options & turn off sound etc do not help.

Like me and the other people that do not have freezes during multiplayer games but do when they play solo with a follower.

Would like to see some tech from Blizz check in on this, if this is or might indeed cause freezes. As for now, I am happy that I do no longer experience them, or have not experienced them for a day or 3.

Kind regardz,
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Have been lurking, trying the various suggestions and had hoped the patch would fix it, no luck. Freeze happens whenever I portal out to town and every once in a while when I use the pillar at the rift's end. No combo of followers, settings, or buffs has shown reproducible patterns. Boo. At least we can hoard rift stones.
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Just wanted to add my name to the list here..... I'd say It freezes maybe 1 out 5 times on the loading screen when entering or leaving a rift.

OS 10.9.2
2.5 GHz Intel Core i5
4 GB 1333 MHz DDR3
AMD Radeon HD 6750M 512 MB
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Adding my name to the list -- the game sometimes hangs on loading screen either entering or exiting a nephalim rift. First time, it was midway through a rift and crashed when zoning to town; the second time, I had finished a rift and it crashed when zoning to town; the third time, it crashed for me when zoning into the rift for the first time and crashed for a friend with the same laptop specs. zoning back to town after my game crashed.

We are both using a 17-inch MacBook Pro running OS X 10.9.2 (13C64)
Processor: 2.4 GHz Intel Core i7
Memory: 4Gb 1333 MHz DDR3
Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 3000 384 MB
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63 Undead Warlock
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As for the game crashing on the load screen for a nephalem rift, I found a fix. Clearing your battle.net cache folder (deleting it entirely) fixed the problem for me. You can google "delete/clear battle.net cache" for instructions on how to do it on your machine.
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Count me in on this issue as well. It's happened to me twice now after killing the rift boss, teleporting out to sell stuff, teleporting back to pick up the rest, then trying to get out again. It's on that second teleport out where my game freezes.

I'll see whether or not solutions in this thread help.
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Same here.

OS 10.9.2
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Same here, this is become unbearable. To me is now happening most of the time while either entering a Rift or TP to town from one. I have to force-quit the game afterwards.
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I will have to try this out with at least disabled followers since I just realized I don't recall freezing up when I'm playing with my friends.

I too do not recall having any issues pre ROS and have a late 2013 macbook pro with 16gig ram.
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I can confirm the freeze happens in games without the Templar, as I regularly have it happen in groups.

I'm try to collect reports of this specific issue into this thread:


- Game hangs / freezes / hard locks when changing zones
- Load screen is "frozen" with no animation of red diamonds
- Requires the D3 client to be Force Quit

If you're having other issues such as crashes to desktop or error messages, please keep them in a separate thread. This is only for hard locks on the loading screen that require a Force Quit.
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I guess I am not sure what this means but I played for hours yesterday evening without a follower. I did not lockup / freeze once. For whatever that is worth.
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mine started to freeze here a few days ago aswell, but its just getting worse now!
crashes like every 2-3 rift when i TP out after the boss is dead.

OS X 10.9.2
2.2GHZ Intel Core i7
7GB 1333MHz DDR3
AMD Radeon HD 6750M 1024 MB

Can this be a result of the recent DDOS attack on blizz? because if i remember correctly my issues started right after the last attack they had.
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Blizzard doesn't seem to care about actual problems in the game.

This isn't beta...this is supposed to be the final product. Acknowledge, apologize, refund, and fix it. Stand behind your product, don't hide behind it's namesake. You're all supposed to be professionals, and be some of the best in your field, but you look like a bunch of amateurs, barely able to button up your own shirts.

Your customer service, Blizzard, is absolutely deplorable.
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Add me to the list :( i moslty have it when i try to enter the rift... very annoying when u play game swith rift it forward and u have to reopen.. people think i leave to avoid reopening...
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there is no customer servise for mac they only wont our money and give a s h i t about us

ty blizz
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what helped for me is lower the graphics but most of all

Dont use the portals to or from the rift. use the option to teleport to another player. it works for me so far in 5 following rifts. froze 1/2 of the time before.

hope it helps for u guys
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they're probably waiting for 10.9.3 to be released.
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Same problems here !
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