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Adventure Mode Public Games are Bugged!

This has been happening since last night, and I doubt I'm the only person who is experiencing it.

Every Adventure mode game I join, it has already been completed, and I don't mean 4-5 games.. I have joined about 30 by now, not a single one has had a single quest unfinished.

There is some kind of bug where completed games aren't closing after people leave them or something.

Please Post if you have ran into this.

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This should have been hotfixed earlier today by the system no longer allowing players to be placed in Adventure Mode games where the first Act's bounties have all been completed. If it's still happening then we'd definitely like to know.
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That didn't annoy me as much as pugging into a group withtwo people from the same clan, who kick the other two people on the last bounty in an act, so they can invite two clansmen for a free Horadric Cache
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join a clan avoid public game's.
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9/10 games that i join are fully completed, this hotfix isnt taking affect.
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Yep, the games I tried to join all afternoon were all completely done (like every single bounty in every act done).
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Hi Guys,

Tsarnis from QA here. We are a bit bewildered that some of the players in this thread are having trouble joining fresh (or at least mostly fresh) Adventure Mode games since the hotfix was applied. We've tested it pretty extensively both internally and on live servers with the hotfix in place and it works great from what we have seen.

We do have a few questions for you about this:

    1) Have you logged out completely (exited your client and relaunched the game) since last night (3/27 at around 5:00PM PDT)?

    2) What level range and difficulty are you trying to find games on?

    3) When you are on the Game Settings menu, what is the number shown above "Playing Adventure Mode" (listed under the Adventure Mode description in the options area of the page)? This number indicates how many people are playing in eligible games on the specific difficulty and parameters that you have chosen. If this number is 0, it should be putting you into a new game with you and whoever else was searching at the same time you were.

Feel free to reply with answers to those questions and we will try and figure out what is going on.
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03/28/2014 03:06 PMPosted by Grimiku
This should have been hotfixed earlier today by the system no longer allowing players to be placed in Adventure Mode games where the first Act's bounties have all been completed. If it's still happening then we'd definitely like to know.

So basically if people leave your game after the first act is done then you are screwed and will never get a replacement and may as well leave as well and go find another game doing the first act over and over again?

Why couldnt you guys at least make it the first two acts? As in if almost half the bounties are done then it wont place you in that game? At least people can get the bonus acts done before having to leave the game and go look for another one.
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So do A5 first... drrr
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but probably its this

1) yes, multiple times

2) were doing normal adventures, usually with a couple of players

3) im not joining random
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This afternoon i ran into this as well. I would say the first 3 or 4 games i joined were totally completed.

I didn't mind as I knew there was a fix incoming. What i didn't know though was that the fix had already occurred.

And to answer your questions,

1. Yes.

2. Adventure Torment 2

3. Was around 470ish today around 2pm EST.
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your gonna fire the one person asking questions and trying to help? where are your analyzation skills? Sure you want to buy a business? just saying?
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that is totally inaccurate. they dont code and therefore cant be responsible for it. I would steer clear of purchasing any software business'. As there has not been any software to my knowledge that has ever been released bug free. And how are you going to run a business without a QA dept? Illogicial.
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Anyone could tell he was trolling. If he had enough money to buy blizzard from activision he most definately would not be playing this game because he would either be retired and uninterested or to busy to do anything else other than manage his company etc because having that kind of money would mean you would need to have some huge corporation inherited insane amounts of money from somewhere.

Ignore Diablerie hes clearly trolling.
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I was playing a game with other people and I see that someone else is playing now but I can't join them or go back to my game where he joined earlier.
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I want to keep playing my game but I can't even load Diablo 3 or anything
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