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[DH Info] + CA, STRY, LTNG Build + BiS List.

updated Popular Topics to include some frequently asked questions about Marauder's 6pc and whatnot, further updates with more testing. bis sets also updated.
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Question on the BIS FIRE MARAUDER'S 4SET + NAT'S 3SET. Why not use a Tasker and Theo instead of Magefists if you use the companion bonus? I think the trade off is really just +20% fire dmg vs 50% increased pet attack speed. Won't the 50% pet attack speed dmg be better overr than 20% fire dmg bonus if you have 5 pets doing 100% damage all the time?
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Assuming you are running a cookie cutter CA build, most of the time you will be moving fast, which means less uptime on Pet attacks and with the amount of FIRE%, everything dies in less than 5seconds from CAs, maybe a couple more seconds on tougher elites/champs (T4 and lower).
TnT might be favored for higher Torments.

It is a preference, ill edit the set to include said preference!
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It requires a completely different kind of playstyle. For CA/Fire builds, you usually engage one mob at a time, burst it down, and move on to the next.

With the Pet/Sentry setup, the most efficient way I've seen to play it is to aggro as many Elite mobs as you can find, granted they are packed together. I've seen that build able to safely grind down 4 elite packs at once.
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i completely agree

i was just responding the BIS FIRE MARAUDER'S 4SET + NAT'S 3SET or Unity Sets, which is most common for running the cookie cutter Fire CA build.
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Will update thread for Marauder's 6Set Sentry stuff/fully optimized BiS Sets and Builds for Marauder's 6set when people are done testing.

Refer to VocaloidNyan's threads for current info on Marauder's 6Set Sentry stuff and thank him for the time he has put into it.
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Let me get this straight.... There is finally a set that makes the DH viable and you want to complain about it?

The DH is too squish to run t6 solo or even in groups under normal circumstances. This is in part due to poor combat design and in part due to poor class design. Marauder's actually lets the DH run higher torments because you can focus on moving around to stay alive, not having to stand there and fire.

Some other thoughts:

As it stands now hand crossbows, and attack speed builds are inferior in almost all cases. This is because front loaded burst damage is more valuable then damage over time. Simply put, the DH never has the opportunity to simply stand there and dish out damage. You need to move, shoot, move, shoot, etc (in higher difficulties).

Moreover, even if the DH could simply stand and free fire. Burst builds still heavily out scale attack speed builds in the end-game. This is mostly due to the absurd level of obtainable percent fire damage. This fire damage then scales multiplicative with Elite damage and skill damage bonuses.

THE POINT: Marauder's isn't the problem. The problem is a lack of other good options for the DH besides burst damage.
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I think you're in the wrong thread bro. I don't flame any builds and I haven't said anything bad about Marauder's, this is just a thread that showcases said builds.

As for 1Hs and 2Hs, it boils down to a preference of playstyle.

At least read the thread before saying anything about it, since I did in fact, put my thoughts about every topic you posted about xD
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Bump, sticky this please.
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added some stuff for Marauder's 6Set under popular topics. im pretty stuck on updates right now >< so post if you think something should be added!
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Thanks for all the work that went in to this.. bookmarked for future reference.
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So (un)BROKEN class DHs needs special manual for use on higher difficult. You just cannot play it like normal games and enjoy you need to go to forums to see how to play this incredible class on t4+. You just need 2 sets, 1 super rear ring RRoG + 10 BIS items to be able to play almost pleasant, ofc if you like playing a druid with summonings and some things that can shoot better then you. Most of all your summonings and sentries are doing the damage.You just have to run around and avoid damage. And shooting with DH looks like a minigun with spells you will never see arrows.
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just got back from a break. i will do what i can to update the thread even further, any suggestions would be much appreciated!
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back from another break >< I will be updating the entire thread this weekend, probably changing the entire layout too. looking at it over a couple times, it looks a bit muddy.
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Thanks for putting this all together in one place -- fresh 70 and it's really helped to read through all of this.
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I love this thread, it has helped me so much. Are there going to be future updates in the making to account for the new patch?
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07/09/2014 10:58 PMPosted by Frenzi
I love this thread, it has helped me so much. Are there going to be future updates in the making to account for the new patch?

currently on break doing family stuff and whatever, once 2.1 is close to release/released ill update the entire thread.
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I dont know if this has already been asked, but which would be better to stack, physical or fire damage, if I'm running a sentry build with CA loaded for bear and Multishot arsenal as my spenders?
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03/31/2014 03:46 PMPosted by Skyline
Nat's Reflection:For the set.

03/31/2014 03:46 PMPosted by Skyline
Natalya's Slayer:For the set. Will always roll with Weapon% Dmg

Natalya's Version 2.1:
•Natalya's Reflection and Natalya's Slayer have both been changed; Nat's Reflection used to always roll life on hit, but either I'm really lucky or it rolls more trifecta stats now, and Nat's Slayer no longer comes with %dmg.

Picture of Nat's Slayer v2.1 version @ http://imgur.com/SpN5oHN
Picture of Nat's Reflection v2.1 version @ http://imgur.com/PWQwTKf

So my suggestion if you want a nice Nat's Slayer to use in v2.1 with M6: Keep on trying to find the nicest one you can get your hands on b4 2.1 goes live!
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It seems steady aim does not add 20% damage bonus to sentries but a bit less. Same goes for archery when bow is used (8%). Don't know why. I tried to calculate sentry crit hits and I got it right but if steady aim is used or any other boost from skills formula does not work. I use same formula to calculate paper dps and it is correct always.
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