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[DH Info] + CA, STRY, LTNG Build + BiS List.

slightly updated the wording on all the topics(not important rereads) can't really think of what else to add to the thread. : /
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One more thing to add on for 1H + quiver vs Dual wielding is that Quiver can offer you one more Primary attribute, usually vitality or elite damage.

So to summarize once again:

Assuming both items have dex and max disc
quiver = 20% ias, 10% crit, 700 vit, 15% cluster arrow

dual wielding = 15% ias, 130% CD, set bonus(like nats)/special effect(calamity)

it's pretty even i think, but quiver should be better for the most part because of 15% cluster arrow. Only exception would be Dual Dans or Calamity+Nats
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Ah, forgot about the one extra primary, thnx for that!
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lame question: shouldn't we seek to have "+ fire damage" on crossbows? (instead of poison, holy etc.) That does not benefit from Fire Damage % on Magefists & Reapers Wraps as well?
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@Dadel, I believe the +fire damage on weapons is not affected by +% to Fire Skills. The fire damage only modifies the weapon damage, and has no other affect whatsoever (that I've been able to determine). Basically it's just flavor.

The +% to fire skills, is just that. It only affects your skills that are firebased (Cluster Arrow: LFB, Hungering Arrow: Serrated Arrow, etc).

Hope that helps...
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another layout update pushed out. any tips to make it even cleaner would be much appreciated!
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Just want to say thanks for all the hard work. This has been a tremendous help!
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Really appreciate the thanks, glad the thread helped!
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say guys, what are yur thoughts on Unbound Bolt(crafted) & Manticore? Both comes with CHD. I dont have calamty none nats bow
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Thank you very much! This has been a great help and a good guide to me. I've been loyally following this guide from the start. Keep up the good work!
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So this was great!

GG and Thanks!
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Wow this thread is exactly what I was looking for. I have an up and coming DH and she will be coming on with fire equips gather by my Monk.

I was initially planning on switching my monk to fire since i have Sankis/Devastator/Maximus but when I saw a DH wearing almost the exact same sets (including Nats/Calamity) murdering the rift I was in I became really interested.

Luckily I have the following items that I can immediately make my DH wear:
Cindercoat, Fire SoJ, Magefist, Pride's Fall, Fire Andys, Fire Reaper's Wraps, Harrington
So I pretty much only need to get Nat's and Calamity (oh good luck to me on that).

However regarding the Pants options, I saw that person wearing Hexing Pants of Mr Yan since she was constantly moving therefore she probably has the boost constantly. May I ask why those pants are not considered possible BiS?
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04/22/2014 10:47 AMPosted by ckenni
However regarding the Pants options, I saw that person wearing Hexing Pants of Mr Yan since she was constantly moving therefore she probably has the boost constantly. May I ask why those pants are not considered possible BiS?

It is preference mainly, boils down to having both the Marauder's and/or Nat's Set VS Hexing.
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Hello guys. Fresh demon hunter here (shelving my monk for the time being :P). I was wondering how viable the physical damage variants of cluster arrow are? I have a SoJ/Andariels that rolled physical, so I ended up sticking with it.

I'd really appreciate it if someone could take a quick look at my profile and see if any runes/passives need changing around to suite my current build and gear level.

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bump - this should be stickied
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credited everyone who helped out, pm me in game if i missed your name.
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Great guide.. I would vote for a sticky
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Can anyone give any tips on my gear?

I'm trying to replace my crappy ring for the Royal Grandeur and trying to get better weapons and Marauders legs.
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Just came back from a break. can't think of anything else major that i can put into the thread. : /
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Bumping because this seriously needs to be stickied
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