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Holy Crusader Build

Hey I'm Stowens, and I have been playing the crusader pretty extensively since its release. This is going to be my guide to being a holy crusader. This is just the way that I enjoy playing the crusader and feel that I have had some success with it. It is most definitely not going to be the best crusader build out there but I hope that you enjoy it and give it a try. This is my first Diablo 3 guide.

Armory Link: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Stowens-1599/hero/43612003

Dps self buffed: 872,528
Toughness self buffed: 8.4m
Healing: 7322

The build: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/crusader#UefilQ!aVSi!ZcaZZb

Left Click Justic Rune Crack Crack allows it to dish out some aoe dps from a solid range in times that it would be hard for you to get into melee or it would be safer for you not to. While not my favorite Rune for this weapon, it is I find the best for this build.

Right Click Blessed Hammer Rune Dominion Blessed Hammer is by far the most cost effective wrath spender that a Crusader has. It does good damage at both short and medium range and is a solid AOE Dps move. As for dominion it makes the ability even more cost effective because you are not leaving any of your hammers behind so they can hit the most enemies possible.

1 Laws of Valor Rune Invincible The passive attack speed that Laws of valor gives is a huge dps boost that is very valuable. the cool down is a bit lengthy at 45 seconds but the rune invincible makes it all worth it. When you pop this ability not only does the attack speed increase but because of the rune you get a whole lot of Life on hit to help you sustain in longer aoe fights or against elite packs.

2 Condemn Rune Unleashed Condemn is a huge dps cool down that does a significant amount of aoe dps and with the rune Unleashed this damage happens instantly rather than 3 seconds after you activate it. This allows you to be able to burst down packs fast but also allows you to cast it more often as the ability does not go on cool down until after it has exploded. So without this rune the ability effectively has an 18 second cool down instead of a 15 second cool down.

3 Heaven's Fury Rune Ascendancy Heaven's Fury is another Big Dps cool down that is mainly used for burning elites and is on a slightly higher cool down of 20 seconds. Ascendancy is the rune to use because it increases the overall damage of the ability without hindering anything else and it does it to a group of enemies. Although with its built in ui, it will follow the first enemy it is cast upon.

4 Akarat's Champion Rune Rally Akarat's Champion the crusader version of Wrath of the Berserker. It is on a 90 second cool down but it increases you Damage and toughness by quite a lot. What makes this this ability really really good though is that while it is active the first time you would be dealt lethal damage it returns you to 100% life but the effect ends, The rune rally makes this ability even better because while it is active, there is up to a 50% chance to reduce the cool down of all other abilities by 1 second. This allows us to continue to use our other big dps cool downs much more often while this is active.


Heavenly Strength allows us to use a 2h weapon and shield at the same time in exchange for some movement speed.

Divine Fortress This ability increases my armor by an amount equal to my block chance. This is really here just to increase my armor and thus my toughness as my gear is lacking in some all resist. This passive increases my toughness to 8.4m while using a shield with 18% block.

Finery I would only recommend to use this rune if you have at least six sockets in you gear. This passive increases your damage and your toughness so long as you have at least one socket but the bonus is not nearly warranted unless you have a decent number of sockets in your gear and the damage and toughness it gives is really noticeable.

Blunt Increases the damage of both Justice and Blessed Hammer by 20% which are the main damage dealers of this build so naturally you would want to increase their damage by 20%.

As for gearing I would get as much +holy damage as possible to increase all of your damage. Getting things like increasing the damage of any of your abilities would be helpful but is not necessarily needed.

My belt has increased punish damage and I would re-roll that but i re-rolled another stat so that I could get strength on it.

Stats wise, I would go for 50% crit chance then as much crit hit damage as possible then attack speed. Balancing the three of these offensive stats is very helpful.

I hope you enjoyed this guide to being a holy crusader.. If you have any questions or comment please do so and I will do my best to reply.

Change log:Switched from holy cause to Divine Fortress.
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I was under the impression holy cause only affected a holy damage modifier on a weapon, I could be totally wrong I just thought a few people had already commented on it.
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That is quite possible but the heal still happens whenever you deal holy damage.
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03/30/2014 03:50 PMPosted by Sabeatiany
I was under the impression holy cause only affected a holy damage modifier on a weapon, I could be totally wrong I just thought a few people had already commented on it.

Yes, Holy Cause only increases the damage of weapons with holy damage on them, I.E. Skycutter.
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Why dominion instead of limitless?

Unless you're teleporting around I don't see hammers lasting long enough for dominion to be useful.

Limitless is actually quite a large dps increase especially on sparse packs and it does look like the hammer that spawns can hit the original target, making it a better substitute for single target as well.

Also why Akarat's instead of Judge? I'm using a very similar build but I found judge to be much more useful, esp with high crit damage.
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I'm playing a similar build; I'm only 62 still, but I agree with some parts of this build. How much trouble do you have with healing using this build? Holy Cause is a 1% heal every time you use Justice, but it's 0.1% healing for Blessed Hammers, limitless or otherwise. (10% coefficient)

I also use Condemn (Unleash) and Heaven's Fury (Ascendancy), but both of them have terrible coefficients as well. So really, the only real source of healing for Holy Cause ends up being Justice. To get the same healing from Blessed Hammers, you have to hit 10 targets (to equal one Justice throw). Blessed Hammers also will not hit a target more than once (really easy to test with Dominion) and the second hammer will not hit the target that spawned it (thoroughly tested as well). So I like using Dominion also--it's very handy when trying to keep damage on an elite that's dropping a lot of ground effects. You can even get several hammers spinning till there's an opening then run in with them orbiting and they'll all hit.

Anyway, the biggest problem I have with the build (again, I'm 62 playing through A5 on Master), is that I can't really handle a lot of incoming damage. I have trouble accepting that Holy Cause is going to keep you recovering enough health. (Do you have a ton of LOH? I have a feeling that Holy Cause isn't having near the impact you think it is.) Not that you have a lot of options... Wrathful is a trickly of health when hammers is your only spender, and Renewal relies on blocking to recover, making it more of a maintenance of your HP, rather than a recovery.


That's what I'm using right now (except I don't have Blunt yet). It works decently.
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I honestly Have never used Judgement... I like the rune that gives the 80% chance to crit on them, however my crit hit dmg is only in the 300's atm which is decent but not as high as i would like for something like that. Akarats champion also reduces the cool down of my other abilities so I feel like I'm doing more than just throwing a hammer out and using spinning hammers. I could see it being good but its just not my preference atm. As for using limitless over dominion I have tried it but im currently running in group 4 of quite often so things die quite fast and move a lot. I have since switched my passive to no longer use holy cross and i am using Divine Fortress instead.
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I will be trying out limitless later on tonight when I am playing solo but I have found that at least for me in a group that dominion is better.
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Very similar to my build with the differences mainly being what was listed above: limitless for hammers and judgement instead of the law. My favorite build so far.

(Switched to smite b/c of a weapon I had, was using justice)
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If you guys would change anything what would you change it to and why? What would it do for the build? For a note, I currently Farm on t2 but I can do t3 but it just takes longer.
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Hey all,

Ok so on this holy Crusader build topic my set up seems to work really well can farm elites t3 pretty convincingly.

First off disregard the character sheet dps to an extent it is misleading and not a true representation of effective dps.

Secondly the best weapon I have found for this build is actually a Thunder fury. Why? its not holy... no its not but the proc is insane and I will explain how it helps.

Justice hammers - crack rune - 1st hammer - 175% + holly bonus off gear x 3 for the 2 extra split hammers. This means 3x TF procs which in my case is 370% and procs almost every hit. The further part is TF hits 5 targets.... sooo Crack rune actually ends up hitting 15 targets for 550% damage + Holly bonus off damage on gear. Crack rune for a hammerdan just seems the strongest for packs on a boss can switch to the guided hammer...

Blessed Hammer. -- Limitless hammers are way stronger not because of the bonus hammer damage. But because the chance on a bonus hammer its self. Its all about the TF proc of 370% x5 limitless pulls out more hammers each has a chance to proc TF even the 50% extra hammer that spawns.

Shield Glare - 20% extra damage amazing buff increases the damage of everything and stalls the enemy. long cd? not really see below for why

Akkan - Rally rune - when in this form if you have gear caps like I do at the moment or at least very high the 50% chance with an attack speed of over 2.5 is crazy cd and in some cases I can pop shield glare 3 times before it wares off which the elite is dead by that time how?

Valor - attack speed - CD 100 rune. this = around 150-200k extra damage which is huge and in groups peeps will love you for this and melt !@#$ on t2 even archon wiz... why not the other runes like life on hit.. this can be gained off gear CD is harder to find esp because we don't have the luxury of a dual wielding barb.

Passive - Holy cause. NOW THIS IS THE KEY TO THIS BUILD. why? I agree strongly that this should be changed to holy damage increased not holy damage of holy weapon increased and hopefully blizz will change this but un till then this rune has 1 major use. 1% of life healed every time you deal holy damage!

if you've been reading above lets recap...

Justice - crack - 3 hammers
Limitless - havnt actually counted but anything from 6+ prob on the end of 10 or so hammers

basically there are around 9x to deal holy damage which means 9x healing. I only have 130-185khp and I do fine on T3 with elite packs. I have 85% damage reduction from armor and 1k resist all but. where do I get the heals?

I get a tone from killing a trash mob and holy cause keeps me alive for sure. This is the reason that sadly a justice holy build will never be truly complete unless they change the rune to 10% to holy damage dealt or 10% as holy.

Atm TF due to the procs is the best piew piew weapon for this build. You may hit harder with another weapon but over all you wont hit as many targets... I plan to have a boss weapon and a trash weapon...

Any how check out my gears the helm is a luck roll off the gamble system btw so yes imo it is worth the shards spent


for the record my base un buffed in game is 850k not 600... as the mystic rolls don't show. I think most will agree my gear is still pretty solid for a holy justice build aiming for set bonus to keep up the akkan form.

any questions i'm on us so hit me up

also note all elemental damage showed on gear has been rolled holly. The armory doesn't show what I rolled so here is the stats

56.5% crit
421% Cdam
31% AS
37% area damage this has huge chance to proc as the crack rune splits into 3 targets

para is invested into life on hit and CD atm until I get higher lvls
Edited by Morkai#1419 on 4/3/2014 1:24 AM PDT
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@Morkai: It's not actually your build that's is doing anything different it is purely the Thunderfury proc's. In fact you could try switch in Provoke charged up since you would then add a further 50% lightning damage on each of those proc's while it is up.

The OP's build is nice and not as heavily gear dependent as some of the other builds floating about. This is actually my prefer build but the RNG said % lightning damage so that is what I'm running.
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You're wasting a passive slot with Heavenly Strength.
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