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04/01/2014 05:17 AMPosted by Skillet
And yet, I rolled a socket on my new Danetta's Spite in like... 6 tries.

yes mostly it works as intended, but some items seem to be "stuck". I havent heard from anyone yet, that they had a "stuck" item finally roll the right affix after more tries.
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I'm sort of curious as to why you chose to reroll the already existing damage affix to a socket. That literally kills the power of the wand completely. In fact, if the wand did not come with a socket already, that would be the last affix I reroll.

You can get a socket out of it, but the affix you chose to reroll has so many possible alternatives that you're unlikely to get a socket in any reasonable amount of attempts.
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Took me 28 tries to socket my weapon :/
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04/01/2014 05:33 AMPosted by Minsc
Took me 28 tries to socket my weapon :/
Im at 23 times myself :( no luck still.
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Why the hell are you trying to roll the damage out of the wand? you do realize then you'll have a wand with the base damage of a wand 200-300 dps with a socket? you might as well use a level 40 weapon with a socket if you're going to do that. The game is doing you a favor by not letting you make the stupid mistake of rolling ALL the damage off the wand.
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only 25 tries? on my main account i have rerolled my chest plate over 70 times and still unable to get the stat i want. i dont come on here and cry. 25 tries really is nothing lol

and yes a socket is possible, i added one to my leg bow on the second try rofl
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One simple answer: You can not get the socket from swapping XXX - XXX dam, because your weap no longer have enough average dam. Just imagine if you can get the socket, how much the weapon's dps? It could go very low like 10xx dps. You've just wasted your mats and that weap. I think the tooltip gets wrong when it shows that the socket is an option. My opinion.

Was referring to this
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Im actually having the same problem with my Chantodos. Im up at 500k/reroll. All my other weapons have been rolling a socket in a max of 10 tries but this wand just dont want to be socketed.

Im just afraid that it might be a bug and im wasting mats....
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Don't bother enchanting it. The set is worthless. And both my chantodo only rolled 3 affixes.
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Dude what are you doing?

Firstly, damage on a weapon is a required stat (that is all weapons always rolls with a damage mod), so it might well be the case that you CAN NOT get a socket from the damage roll. In fact, I think it is, cause I'm pretty sure that enchanting fundamentally works by doing a reroll on part of the weapon which implies that you can not get any stat combo that could not somehow drop - and as I said, weapons can NEVER drop without a damage mod.

But secondly, WHY ARE YOU REMOVING THE DAMAGE?! You realize that ALL your damage is multiplied off your weapon? Removing your damage mod would take your base dps from 2000 to something like 300. You'd be doing almost a TENTH of your current dps - no socket can make up for that! Fortunately, the game saved you from making your weapon COMPLETELY WORTHLESS which is what you are trying to do.

You done goofed OP.
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Why in the world would you reroll the damage to a socket...
Edited by Crevox#1406 on 4/4/2014 8:50 PM PDT
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ITT: OP tried to remove the damage from his weapon

Can't stop laughing -- you can't fix stupid.
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Lmao, you can't reroll the damage off weapons. Even if you could you would lose like 75% ff the damage on it so why would you even want to?
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04/04/2014 08:53 PMPosted by Revolution
ITT: OP tried to remove the damage from his weapon

Can't stop laughing -- you can't fix stupid.
This is pretty funny but I don't think the game should even put socket as a reroll stat for weapon damage.
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I am having the same frustrating problem with one of my fist weapons. I know the stat can be rolled into a socket but after 30 plus forgotten souls its getting ridiculous. It costs me 1.3 mil just to reroll it now. That's just stupid. I am now broke. So I farm for a couple of hours to get the mil just to fail over and over again. This is stupid blizzard either make it easier to get the rolls or stop the stacking of the gold it takes make it. Thank you
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I tried to replace the damage on one of my weapons with a socket. Ended up wasting about 200m and never seeing one, but I did manage to replace the damage with vitality.
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You're not going to get a socket with rolls because the game is trying to PREVENT YOU FROM being STUPID.

Break it down as you already messed up the rolls by trying to roll off damage.
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Stats are weighted. Weapon Damage is numero UNO. NOTHING gets by Weapon Damage. Prior to 2.05 (I believe it was?) when it could roll the same stat twice, it would almost never roll anything else. And that's where you durp'd. You NEVER re-roll weapon damage to get anything other than MORE weapon damage. Weapon Damage>ALL. So...pat yourself on the back, walk over to the forge, and crush your new found toy, because congrats, it's worthless.
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This HAS to be a troll post.

The +damage affix is THE MOST IMPORTANT AFFIX on your weapon. Hands down.
Without it, your weapon will do crap damage. Maybe even less than half it's DPS.

Also - Just so you are aware: the real answer to your question is that the Mystic has weighted stats.
Damage, +xxxx-xxxx (remember, I said it's the most important stat), is WEIGHTED THE HIGHEST. It's like 90% chance to appear if it's not there. When you reroll it, it's going to generate more damage +xxxx-xxxx nearly every time. Add in the fact that you each Elemental Type is a 90% chance, you have a VERY SLIM chance of getting anything different.

The OP is fail. 100% pure fail.

Here's the reading for those that care:

There you go. Now realize how dumb the OP is, please.
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06/19/2014 10:32 PMPosted by LostSoul
You NEVER re-roll weapon damage to get anything other than MORE weapon damage. Weapon Damage>ALL.

That's not true.
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