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Suggestion: Kadala Forgotten Soul -> Legendary Trade-In

I have seen a lot of people talking about targeted legendary farming or wanting legendary drop rates increased so I figured I would post this idea here.

I have mention it to some of the people I play with and most agreed it was a good idea (possibly OP?). I would like to know what the public opinion on an idea like this would be. Anyways, here is the idea:

    - Add a new vendor like Kadala that has SPECIFIC Legendaries on it that are UN-ROLLED.
    - Make these Legendaries cost a large quantity of Forgotten Souls. My original suggestion was 30-40. That may not actually be enough.

I feel that the vast majority of people have a specific Legendary in mind that they would like. Having the legendaries un-rolled would still give them a chance to have a bad roll on the legendary. It would also give them assurance that their farming isn't being wasted because they can continue to work for that specific Legendary.

I would love to hear people's thoughts on this. If everyone says it is an absolute awful idea, then that is completely understandable.

tldr; A set amount of Forgotten Souls (40+?) for an Un-Rolled Specific Legendary from Kadala
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i kinda like this idea even if it does not fit to the Diablo style but well D3 isnt rly an arpg anymore so :P
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04/02/2014 01:47 PMPosted by Icognito
i kinda like this idea even if it does not fit to the Diablo style but well D3 isnt rly an arpg anymore so :P

Not fitting the Diablo Style was definitely something that crossed my mind. I do agree with that but I also feel that making the Forgotten Soul # extremely high would encourage farming.
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Well you could make it "fit D3" by making it a random legendary or set item and reduce the price. That way, you're still removing blue and yellow items from the pool but keep the gambling aspect.
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The challenge Blizzard has is to keep the game's best items dropping just often enough to keep you playing more and looking for that "perfect item", and not making them easy enough to obtain that you eventually have BiS everything and stop playing altogether.

A system like yours, Deltons, isn't awful, but doesn't work well with that goal of long-term play. It's easier to farm for Forgotten Souls (in theory) than it is for specific Legendaries. The ability to trade them in for specific Legendaries impacts the long-term viability of the game, something Blizzard doesn't want happening.

The thought goes something like this: "You'll keep playing for the chance to see if that 'perfect' item drops." You never know what's "over the horizon". That uncertainty is what keeps us coming back. The ability to target Legendaries in a more granular, specific fashion doesn't dovetail well with that.
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I agree that having BIS would probably make someone stop playing. But going weeks without getting an upgrade would most likely do the same.

People are reporting that they get 1 Legendary every 1-2 hours. So lets take it as 1 legendary an hour.

It would still take a person 40 hours of game-time, without using ANY Forgotten Souls for Re-rolling / crafting, for 1 legendary.

Then you have to account for the fact that it is un-rolled so the chance of that legendary being a perfect roll are still pretty slim. I have personally salvaged 2 of my BiS pieces since release just because they rolled stats that I could not put to use.

I realize some people play way more often than others, but an entire work week for the chance at a good roll on an item you want seems relatively fair to me. Also, the price could always be raised.

Edit: Also I'd like to add an example of targeted farming, which is essentially what this would be. People have been spamming Act 2 Bounties for the chance at the Gloves of Worship because they know that is where it drops. It keeps them interested because you know eventually you will see those gloves drop out of the cache.

Most other legendaries at the moment are a, for a lack of a better term, crap-shoot. This system would let you know that eventually you will get there.
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Horrible idea, it would become way too easy to get any legendary you want.

Entitlement generation, here you are.
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How would this vendor know what Leg you want?
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What if Kadala gave a random Leg or a Random Set?

Just imagine a slot with a Orange Icon, and it costs 500 blood shards + 15 Forgotten Souls.
Another slot with Green Icon, and it costs 500 blood shards + 15 Forgotten Souls.

Blood shards are capped at 500 so you can only get one Leg at a time before you go out and hunt for more.
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This idea would solve the issue at hand, simply impliment it with item range you are interested in and get slightly increase chances for them to drop with stats your interested in...

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