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Carnevil Theory craft & pet adjustments

05/13/2014 08:10 AMPosted by Shang
04/19/2014 07:35 PMPosted by XoLeRaS
[quote=" Also be wary of Reflect Damage packs.

when you are using poison darts will get damage reflected back?

your darts will return damage to you. your fetishes darts will not.[/quote]

This seems like an odd statement. Please test on Siegebreaker, both melee mode and dart mode.
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05/13/2014 08:16 AMPosted by PaulNg

This seems like an odd statement. Please test on Siegebreaker, both melee mode and dart mode.

Reflect is now based off the attacks proc rate, that is why RoT returns a lot of reflect damage, fetishes don't proc anything and don't reflect damage back. Your dart has a high proc rate of 1.0
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My Carnevil build, how to play, and it's viability in higher torments IMO.

57% Poison and 25% Elite (SoJ won't drop)
Starmetal Kukri...cooldowns... nuff said.
AttSp everywhere i could get it, i'm at 2.0 aps
Everything else is standard (no Zuni Set yet.)
Aughild's and Blackthornes' Set Bounuses(immunity is really nice in T5+)

Side note
I swap belts, between Blackthornes and Witching Hour depending on the situations. Harrington waistguard will replace Witching Hour whenever it drops.

Also Swap Mojo between Thing of the Deep, for cooldowns and healing, and Homunculus when mobs get crazy and I need more tanks.

Poison Darts - Snake to the face... Proc my Ammy(Haunt of Vaxo)
Piranhado - for the debuff and the gather.
Gargantuan - WP... with Grave Injusitce he is up all the time.
BBV - Slam Dance... Up all the time... SMK OP
Fetish Army - Legion of Daggers.. Up all the time... SMK OP
Spirit Walk - Jaunt... Get outta jail free card. Spammable most of the time.

Pierce the Veil
Grave Injustice
Fetish Sycophants

Spirit Vessels... I dont like losing my EXP bonus from yellow wells lol

I see mobs... I shoot them. My Fetishes and BBV are always up, so things melt pretty fast. If the mobs are too big/elites, I let the Fetishs run up to the mobs then i start darting, same is done for waller. Fetishes make a psuedo Zombie Wall. Piranhado to gather mobs, for lazy mode point and shoot.

Where am I playing this now?
I can solo T6, but only do that when farming gold(Hellrift 1). T4 solo rifts go really fast for me, but i can do T5 no problem. But most of my time is spent on T3 teams for efficiency and loot sharing.


I don't think that Carnevil is a viable T6 build. With the SMK I have 100% up time on BBV and things dont die fast enough, due to the single target nature of this build. There isn't enough AOE, even if i replace Paranhado with Acid Cloud things don't fast enough.

I've tried swapping Slam Dance with the Mana Rune for infinite Acid Cloud. It worked OK, but I need to find/craft/reroll some gear for %Acid Cloud to be able to properly test it. So I still have some work left, but it seems that Acid Cloud might be the savior of this build in higher Torments.

This build needs a way to burn through Mana for Damage.... since darts are free.
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