Diablo® III

Town Portal causing game to crash.

I am getting mildly frustrated by the fact that just about every time I port back to town to clear my bags, the game simply disappears and I have to log back on and start whatever level I happened to be on completely over (not to mention losing the drops I was hoping to be able to pick up).

Anyone else having this issue?
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I am having the exact same issue. It has gotten to the point i kindly ask the group I am in to turn in each quest we complete before I try to teleport, due to it crashing probably 1/4 times I teleport. I ask around and not many others seem to have this problem so i figured it was a Mac thing.
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I had no problem until yesterday (a new hotfix ?).
I have big freezes everytime I teleport back in town (or elsewhere). It doesn'y crash but it takes a lot of time (forcing me to play solo because pause is still possible during that freeze)
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I have the same problem and also it crashes/freezes during a rift or bounty run.
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actually have the exact same problem, mostly using town portal after a rift… any news ?
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same issue here :'(
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Same problem.
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Same problem!

I´m using mac os, maybe we all use mac os?
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I have the same issue. I'm also on a mac:

2.2 GHz i7
4GB 1333 MHz DDR3 RAM
AMD Radeon HD6750M which dynamically switches to Intel HD3000
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Same here... game occasionally freezes when I tp after a rift..osx maverick here
Blz pls fix this
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Same. teleporting back to town or sometimes entering rifts. The game locks up and freezes. I have to force quit. It's becoming more and more common it seems.
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yep same here, finishing rifts seems the main one, it was happening every so often, now every game
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are you guys in multiplayer games? It happens to me only in MP games and only after someone else tp/banner right before I do. I suspect it's a pathing calculation issue in Mac version since I landed the same spot as the player before me which causes the game freeze/crash.
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I am getting this too.

3,4Ghz Quad-core, 8 Gigs of ram and GTX 660 with latest drivers.
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Don't mean to necro, but this was the #1 result when Googling this issue. I'm amazed that this issue still exists. I've gotten by for months on setting Battle.net app to close after game launch. If I keep Battle.net running in the background, my game will still crash sometimes when you using the town portal. Please fix this issue Blizzard.
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There are other bugs regarding the Battle.net app being left open during games, mostly relating to how chat whispers are managed, but this is a good a reason as any to keep the Battle.net app shut down during game sessions. I know relaunching it each time you want to use a game that requires it to launch with sucks, but the alternative sucks even more.
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This hardly sounds like a professional solution from such a reputable game company. I'm just surprised by how long this problem has existed and has yet to be fixed by Blizzard, especially since disabling the app after launch isn't enabled by default to prevent this problem.

I don't mind relaunching it every time I start a new game, it's automatic anyways. But I (like many others I imagine) use it for social networking as well between all my clan mates. It's a minor thing in the grand scheme of things, but a hassle none the less.
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Still happening. It's any "loading" screen that gets me. Whether using the TP button, going to a new area via the map, or sometimes going to level two of a cave. It's only at that "loading" screen. The music will stop, the cursor will change, and the entire program just shuts off. No error boxes, nothing.
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Having the same problem as JScottMyers does.
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