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9/10 Good gear. Your build synergizes with your gear. Since you it seems you are going lightning, I'm not sure if you know but Reaper Wraps can roll Elemental Damage. in this case Lightning damage will definitely help you.
Just wish I could find a stink Thunder Fury trying so hard starting to get well better not say.

Striff 8/10 looks like you need some Gem upgrades (gold lol). So you can drop 2 x Diamonds for Str gems Other then that nice man
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@Waycooloz, pretty sick Fulminator and SoJ. Maybe could use a better ammy.


Some useless stats (like boots monk damage)
could roll your amulet CHD higher

I think you can drop some of your VIT for higher damaging stats, and rely on healing.

Replace those STR gems in your armor with diamonds for resistance - best in slot imo

@trixma some more lightning pieces and some rerolls will improve the set up but a solid foundation so far.
04/16/2014 04:15 PMPosted by Max
@trixma some more lightning pieces and some rerolls will improve the set up but a solid foundation so far.

Nice use of two 3 piece sets for some serious EHP stacking. I'm jealous of the iceclimbers but if I had them drop I'd have to think hard about not using my Lut Socks. Awesome Haunt ammy. Wasted fire damage on your gloves but they are perfect even if they had no elemental damage. Flexibility to go fire in the future is a good thing. 9.5/10.
Nice barbs guys, not good at rating so I wont.
@HighLife, you need to find/craft some set shoulders and pants (maybe even armor) to get some extra omph from set bonuses. I actually ran a very similar build before I completed my IK set. Have you tried using WW with windshear rune as fury generator?

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@hamukhana 7/10

your gear is good but your sword makes no sense. holy damage? for what.
upgrade ur gem.
@xartz 7/10. Nice barb but could use some upgrades here and there. Maybe try some set items on some slots, gloves chest shoulders

(Pls rate my female barb, couldnuse a few suggestions for a cold build)
@Baconinja 7/10. I like the gloves and pants but pants need to have two sockets. I like how you have a fire and cold barb.
@Scorpius You got some really nice gear pieces, maybe you could roll +WW damage on your boots and just spam paragon with MS it should give you harder hits, some +fire damage would be good for you too I have a feeling +20% fire damage would be better than 6% crit(Bracers) if you are using In to the fray 8/10
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@Mewk Good amount of set bonus's and all pieces with decent stats. Quite lacking in the elemental damage and/or elite damage department though. Love the mainhand. 7.5/10

Love the dual SoJ. 7/10
hey guys i just bought RoS a couple days ago and started playing seriously so don't be too harsh!! i want to have a great fire build one day!

edit: 10/10 ancient king cool as hell
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@Ransure You got something going there, just wait :) The best tips I can give you is to use the Mystican, re-rolling items can give a huge boost in both dps and survivabillity. Re-roll all your rare items and you will see a huge improvement (you don't need extra dmg on skills not used, for example). It's quite cheap when it's only rares, so happy re-rolling!
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Couldn't view the guy above me but would love to get some opinions on my gear and set up. 200 hours into ROS almost on my Barb and never seen a TF so don't tell me I need one! Love my Mighty weapons even if they are not BIS just cause the idea. Working on immortal or earthen might sets.
you have an interesting build

would suggest ring of royal grandeure and hopefully a raekors shoulders drop for ya and you would have pretty interesting set items

anyway nice rolls on the +% light dmgs on your eqs
@SirCranky Hehe, somehow I ended up on the US forums instead of Europe :) Oh well, here's my profile: http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Jimbo-2295/hero/1635513
Please, do rate ;)
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