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9/10 on your avalanche build...you basically have everything you need...just little improvements to make u stronger..like RoRG with set boots and etc..

shame the TF is lvl 67, in general i'd say your gear needs more everything

bracers and belt is good


You are a level 3 demon hunter - 10/10


Just out of curiosity - should I switch out my sun keeper for a fulminator? I've been torn on this question
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honestly 1 more reakors you and it would be better to swap to fire lol ...

fulminator vs sun keeper question none, my hint is odyn son

Whoa nice 3pc Raeks. I've still been looking for a Raek drop for weeks. Stuck at 2pc for a looong time :(

Similar build to mine. All the best for your Cindercoat hunt!


That's some insane paper dps! Keep adding to the fire dmg bonus.

nice gear. but maybe go for +fire dmg on ammy

I'd say you need more health. very nice fire damage.
Give me your RoRG!


8/10 I like your soj so much.
04/17/2014 08:50 AMPosted by CDFH

8/10 I like your soj so much.

That's my 3rd one, finally came with lightning, but so low =(
I won't complain, at least I got one, can't say the same about RoRG, doing a1 bounties is making me want to stop playing.

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First I would like to suggest going dmg skill of your choice on your boots and making up that loss in movement speed with paragon. The two don't stack and 15% to you HotA or w/e you choose is def worth the possible loss in movement speed imho.

I would focus on choosing a elemental dmg spell you like and get that on as many items as possible. In general i choose to make my main dps slots neck/rings/weapons/gloves as dps oriented as possible and forgo any kind of defensive stat if I can.

Basically focus more on grabbing stuff with elemental dmg, nice TF! and look into linking up some sets with your chest and gloves or something, some interesting sets out there, craftable included.
Can't properly rate anyone since I can't view individual items from my
Phone while at work. I'm looking for tips and input on my barb. How can I improve ?
Nice Set Gears
7.5/10 monday. You look beefy against taking a beating from elites but could have better synergy than that for damage over all. Keep re rolling what's near perfect, and be willing to let go of pieces that aren't capable of being perfect. Just cause you roll perfect critical chance on a Soso item doesn't justify being married to it.

Looking forward to any input on my build and gear as well.
9.5/10 just need a better dps than Odyn in main hand. Legendary rings capable of higher str with the crit chance, crit damage and attack speed.
@ TDontuhateme


Basic beginner build.

Farm those legendary, you're lacking a lot of basic stats. Also, get those elemental damage up one those bracer and amulet, 20% is too insane to ignore. Lose the WW and try HotA, your dps and fury generation is probably too low to worth it. And if you can, farm the ring of royal grandeur, it's one of the easiest upgrade to farm and worth a ton as soon as you get a few set items plan.

Also how could you give 9.5/10 to Ravenfell, his build sucks.
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@shaman. 8/10 nice set!! =)
@treborge damn, good fire barb 8.5/10
04/17/2014 10:24 AMPosted by WardTrinity
@treborge damn, good fire barb 8.5/10

nice light barb. 7.5/10. you really need to farm the set ring though. try a diamond in your helm. your cota and wotb skills could really use that.

so clearing t6 now in around 15 minutes and under with double unity. what do u guys think of my gear ;)
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