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Female barbarian leaping faster than a male barbarian

I swapped my main over from male to female, since I sometimes run with a build using Lut Socks and the earthquake bonus ;o wtb pro fire items to drop...
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WTH not even a blue post on this is it that hard to fix this? (increasing male barb speed not slowing down female ofcourse)
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2 weeks, no patch, and not even comment from blue what to expect. Now that's sad, but when it is about nerfs...
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Whoever says that the leap animation speed does not effect game play or even dps is not thinking straight. The speed in which the leaps are executed make a difference of about 0.5 seconds over three leaps. That is huge when trying to survive elite packs.

Its like night and day. It is way better playing with a female barb if using leap.

This is just another bad mistake I can only hope blizzard will fix. Ii really dislike the idea of a female barb anyway!
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My barbs got a heavy sack takes him a while to leap
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I think female barb looks more crazy when jumping, fun :D My male barb is a fast running !@#$er, MY female a crazy leaper.
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I have ran both side by side, doesn't make a noticeable difference.
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Well the fix won't be a male barb buff.

They will add the time difference to the peak of the female leap, so they can hover like Princess Toadstool.
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No blue post yet? Guess we need to keep pushing the issue...to save...a few hours of game play
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It makes a fairly big difference for my gameplay, especially with Lut Socks.

In terms of mobility, that extra latency is noticable, especially when you're trying to leap to cover distances in rifts, or trying to actually leap/stun on quick mobs.

The other aspect is eDPS.
I commonly do leap > hota > leap > hota > leap as a string of combo to deal damage.

with female barb, with WotB activated, i can sometimes do
leap > 2x hota > leap > 2x hota > leap.
That in particular could be substantial.
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I'm fine if they decide to nerf the female barb leap.. the problem is that they wont stop there.. they will probabbly nerf the lut socks, the EQ stacks and the HOTA fire rune as well, because why not?!

just nerf all the things, it's easier right?

but don't worry, I'm sure they will buff again( just not too much) once they notice no one is playing this build anymore.

who needs to feel overpowerd in a game that's PVE oriented?

-I'm sorry about my angry post here, but it's insane how we have to live in constant fear of Blizzard's Nerfs this, and That.. all the time.
I find myself saving a bunch of legendaries that might be a good counter measure if they decide to nerf my current setup, but worse than that is when I'm trying to get a specific gear that would be nice with a specific build, but by the time I get it, it's too late, they already nerf it, so why should I bother trying to get it in the first place..

I hope I'm making myself clear here, because english is not my native language.
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Hmmm, glad that my old mule was a female haha...now she's got 12k ek's and is about to get some new shoes... :)
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anyone submit this to the bug forums?
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shhhhh!!! you know which way they will fix this...
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It's easier to nerf than to add / edit more content for balance.

That being said, if they really wanted to fix this there are only 2 options

(1) fix male barbs animation
(2) fix female barbs animation

Which is faster for them? Thats what they'll do.

Like wise

Cindercoat... elemental OP, BiS atm, nerf? easy to do
Balance other items to % ele ? too much work
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04/11/2014 02:27 AMPosted by Dirtybag
Any plans to fix this?

I mean, the female barbarian are clearly a better barbarian. Myself play a male and
kinda sad knowing the female are a better version.

Reroll for this is kinda sad.

This thread has gone on long enough: you enjoy looking at men, and the reason you cannot leap for !@#$ is because your little *!##!@!# and huge balls are weighing you down.
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