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Network Disconnect Multiple times

Seems to only be happening with one character so far, my Monk, who I have built to be super fast and flying through mobs and the map. Don't know if this has anything to do with it but possibly the map/mobs loading, the speed of trying to keep up with the framerate, or the sheer amount of data, but I've played for an hour or two on both my Barb and my DH non-stop, then I switch over to my fast monk and about every 10 mins or so a window pops up with the following message:

"Network Disconnect - The game has been lost: your client has been disconnected from the server."

Doesn't matter if I'm playing solo or with a pug. Usually after a few minutes I just lose connection but internet is fine and BNET is still online. I've wasted many Rift Keys on this char. :-(

Anyone else seeing this? Affecting any character or just the fast ones?
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post a pathping: https://us.battle.net/support/article/running-a-pathping-test and traceroute
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I'm still getting this. 7 mins into playing with my monk and no issues on my other chars so far. Something is up with the networks ability to keep up with a really fast build. I did the pathping test but I don't even know my battlegroup so I just picked one so it probably doesn't mean much...

Tracing route to over a maximum of 30 hops

0 JO-PC.dc.dc.cox.net []
1 JONK []
3 ip68-100-3-157.dc.dc.cox.net []
4 ip68-100-2-110.dc.dc.cox.net []
5 mrfddsrj02gex070002.rd.dc.cox.net []
6 nyrkbprj01-ae0.0.rd.ny.cox.net []
7 xe-4-0-3.edge2.Washington4.Level3.net []
8 vlan90.csw4.Washington1.Level3.net []
9 ae-91-91.ebr1.Washington1.Level3.net []
10 ae-8-8.ebr1.Washington12.Level3.net []
11 ae-103-3503.edge1.Washington12.Level3.net []
12 att-level3-te.washingtondc12.Level3.net []
13 cr2.wswdc.ip.att.net []
14 cr1.cgcil.ip.att.net []
15 cr2.dvmco.ip.att.net []
16 cr1.slkut.ip.att.net []
17 cr2.la2ca.ip.att.net []
18 gar20.la2ca.ip.att.net []
21 * * *
Computing statistics for 500 seconds...
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^ see where it says "computing statistics for 500 seconds" that's like 8 minutes. :) You need to rerun and let the output finish
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its most likely a skill youre using on the monk, much like electrocute can D/C wizards and Whirlwind can D/C barbarians. had this problem on my wizard. stopped using electrocute = no more network disconnects.

also keep in mind the "Network Disconnect" message may or may not have anything to do with your connection at all. when the game encounters an error it can flip out and get confused and result in you getting that error instead of it just crashing completely. this is information i found out from a Blizzard GM in live chat.
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