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Stop dropping penders purchase adventure journals!

I seriously have 20 of these why the fudgemuffins do these keep fropping when I can get other legendary crafting mats and plans. This is ridiculous and its affecting my loot tables this needs to be hot fixed right now!!!
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20? I'm at 83... how about sell them? duh! If they're worthless to you, as you imply, why pick it up?

PLUS they are specifically bound to breakables. So other mats do NOT drop anyways.

.::.... enjoy ....::::...

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yeah I just wish the recipe was half as common.
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Legendary plansmats do NOT count towards your loot timer.
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Mats are independant chance of everything. As for the reason you see so many, its source is VERY wide compared to the other mats. Every legendary mat drops off set types or unique targets.


For instance, griswalds scribbles and adventure journal drop off most breakable objects or interactable objects.

Then you have angelic shard which can drop off one of several unique purple named corrupted angels.

Finally you got ones that only drop off one enemy, like magda's tormented soul only drops off her.
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I seriously have 20 of these why the fudgemuffins do these keep fropping when I can get other legendary crafting mats and plans. This is ridiculous and its affecting my loot tables this needs to be hot fixed right now!!!

04/09/2014 05:14 PMPosted by Valento
Is this going to affect crafting mat drop rates?

Nope. Legendary crafting mats have an independent drop table and their drop rates will not be affected by the change to Uniques.

Now tell me... what is ridiculous now? Your accusation or the legendary item drop rate?

Yeah, legendary item drop rate.


04/09/2014 04:41 PMPosted by Travis Day
Hey all,

A series of hotfixes will be deployed today making more adjustments to overall reward structures within the game.

I wanted to take a minute to explain the reasons for the changes that we are making. A driving goal of our design has been to make killing monsters feel rewarding, we want you all to find tons of cool items that you are excited about but more importantly we want you to have fun while doing it.

Rifts have always been intended to be the most efficient play method in the game, currently they aren’t for a number of reasons. Part of this has to do with the high level of efficiency in farming that players find doing things like farming Manglemaw, Razorclaw and any other number of unique monsters. Another contributing element is that farming chests without having to actually fight monsters is far more effective than actually fighting the monsters. It is very important to us that chests are exciting to find and feel rewarding but presently they are far too common and reliable to farm in certain areas of the game.

Finally Kadala, she has always been intended to give players some degree of control over their item upgrades. While we don’t want players to simply pick and choose from a list of items at an excessively high cost, we do want you to have an answer to the question “How do I upgrade my boots?” Kadala is meant to be that answer, she is meant to give you some direct control over the types of items you find. Since we are increasing the overall reward structure of the game she is also going to be increasing but by a larger amount than the rest of the changes since she didn't feel rewarding enough to us.

Without further delay here is a list of the changes that will be coming in the hotfix.

The Bad!
Unique monsters now drop less items.
*Uniques were dropping far more loot than their difficulty would warrant.

Chest spawns have been thinned out across all acts of the game.
*Ideally chests become less common and something that players can’t flip games to farm. It is our goal to make them feel exciting and rewarding when you find them.

The Good!
The bonus legendary drop rate for rifts is being increased from 25% to 100%!
*This means that while in a rift your chance to find a legendary item from monsters, chests, elites, and everything else is double what it is outside of rifts. No this does not mean opening bounty bags in rifts is the new hotness. ;P

Kadala’s legendary drop rate has been significantly increased.
*Blood Shards are meant to be a compelling element of rift rewards and something players are excited to get.

Loot is an incredibly important aspect of Diablo games and we will continue to keep a very close eye on it. If more problems arise we will continue striving to address them. It isn’t our goal to take loot away from people, we just want to make sure they are having as much fun as possible while finding it and these changes all support that goal.

Good hunting and link the loot!

Travis Day

Now, with the above info, are you still mad?
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