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D3 Profile DPS is So Dumb! Please Fix!

Sorry english is not my native language.

See my gear:

i know how to farm and to "RNG".
But after the patch i find less legendaries.
btw i play solo and is now harder to find legendaries because i dont wont play alone rifts or normal bounties. Blizzard forced ppl to play rifts or bounties and ppls dont play that found less legendaries. If you dont see it, you just blind. I played story mode for a while and found nothing, before the patch was better with the drop rate...

And again SORRY for my bad english. I try my best. You can try speak in my native language if you have problem to understand me^^

Ya, if you don't understand where you get the most legendaries because obviously 100% buffed drop rate for legendaries doesn't seem like a good idea to do rifts but some how doing story is a good idea for farming, then don't complain. Blizzard is telling you to do Rifts to get legendaries not story, if you don't farm the areas for farming then why are you even here complaining about the drop rates?

My problem is not to understand how i have to farm now. My problem is that blizzard nerfs all other options to farm legendaries.
But my point is not complaining about the drop chance, i only want to show you that you are not even better than all the other ppl. You cry about a useless !@#$. Ranking for what?
"Look how awesome my dps is" But guess what? "i cant play with it on high diff because all mobs kill me in sec"
Look my gear. I change only my weap and can play on T3 or higher with friends. Have the same amount on profil dps as you with double more T.
Tell me why now should Blizzard to prioritize to fix this useless minor bug and not bigger thing like the normal bounty hunt? Or other big problems?
This bug is very old and already know.
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Hey ;>

still the nats 3 bonus is not calculated in the unbuffed dps sheet.

Have fun guys :D
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04/11/2014 03:13 AMPosted by Haereticus
as the #22 monk in america: cry more

Every single person in front of you is using the same rules, it's not just you, you special snowflake.

Need a cookie? LoL talk about special snowflake.
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People will find anything to cry about. How's this, anyone who has higher profile dps than you, is better than you.

Commence the QQ.
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04/11/2014 03:03 AMPosted by MadMax33309

Listen, no one cares! You are extremely annoying. It doesn't matter how many hours you play or craft for profil dps. It matter how much you have ingame dps.

If you need this so much then stop complain if someone else need legendaries

reference: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/12471467569

Who do you think you are to judge him for this. If this is something that matters to him why does it matter to you? This is an issue that is being ignored. It should be looked into eventually. You don't like it then don't reply. All you did was make your self look like a child. Caps looks real cool by the way man.
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Btw this was what he said, i change only few things but the thread is gone now (that's why I posted the link of his other thread)

What I said is a parody of his thread where he wrote that ppl don't should complain about the drops rate. I used only his style for showing how bad he is.
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Check out www.d3robot.com, it takes into account skill damage and elemental types, set bonuses, etc.

There are still some quirks about what information the D3 servers actually give you but it will be a lot more accurate than the paper dps.
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